WALKING DEAD/ another one

WALKING DEAD/ another one


So far we had

1) Contaminated crossbow and bolts

2) Fresh sliced WONDERBREAD


. . . . . in this eppy, even though they had agreed that a zombie would conataminate a well, Dixon decides to wear some zombies VIRUS RIDDEN DECAYING EARS around his neck like once upon a time in 'Nam. Not only that. . . . . . ends up falling on the ground and the "necklace" getting in his mouth. As one character tells the Sheriff in the third eppy. . . . . . ". . how did you survive this long?"

Not nay saying the show, just putting it out there in case. . . . . we ever have a real zombie apocalypse, lol.


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Got to admit Sarge, I saw that fat zombie splitting in two long before it happened. Also, even if the well was comtaminated, who would want to be the first to test it?

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HMMMM-  i think that we need to come up with a new nickname for you- instead of HF or SARGE-  lets see.........  maybe KOJACK, COLUMBO, BARRETTA, -  or maybe the CSI route-  GRISAM-  you are quite the investigator/scientist- LOL-  and i HOPE AND PRAY everyday that we have a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE in my lifetime-  ( hopefully within the next 15-20 yrs the latest or ill b too old to run away from them ! )

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I'll love this show nomatter what ya say, like i said, YOU CAN FREEZ BREAD cuz we do it here all the time, and the comic we learn that there are three way, 1 get bitten, it is reviled that BLOOD or FLESH cannot turn you to zombies, I think that was the walking dead comic series, I read many zombie comic books when I was a kid. And Darrel, give him a break, he's was hallucinating and out of his mind from feaver or drugs or something.


Yep. . . . . . . . I can see it. A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE breaks out. People are being eaten alive, cities overrun, children being eaten, govt. firebombing cities and SOMEONE remembers to TURN ON THEIR NIFTY portable generator JUST TO FREEZE THE SLICED BREAD. LOL! You've gotta READ. I have never said I dont like the series, it just IS what it IS.


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am catching up on the walking dead right now & i have to say the scene lowering thingie into the well is the stupidist idea EVER ................ you would never go with that plan!


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Shane obviously did not have the time to button his shirt all day..can u imagine :)


Love the show!


@klownz - Yeah mate. I cannot believe they couldnt just LOOP the rope and let it fall over him, lol.

@ P - He likes the feel of the cool breeze on his man nippers, lol. Thats all it was. He is such a "baaad boy".


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Its understandable if Derril did the whole ear necklace thing if he had hit his head and was dehydrated. He was seeing hallucinations after all. I did see that it got in his mouth. If he doesnt turn into a zombie from that i will be both dissapointed and releaved.

Dissapointed he WOULD turn and if he doesnt thats one of the biggest bullshit moments of the series.

Releaved because Derril is mt favorite character! I was freaking out as that blonde bimbo almost shot his head off.



It WAS a tense moment as they are more than willing to kill off regulars. Babe is getting tiresome with her "wanna have a gun, dont tell me what to do" attitude instead of using her head. Dixons character is the most interesting of the group. Merle was def an hallucination as he mentions having to cut his hand off but has both. Some peeps seem to have doubts about that.



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