WALKING DEAD/ another one

WALKING DEAD/ another one


So far we had

1) Contaminated crossbow and bolts

2) Fresh sliced WONDERBREAD


. . . . . in this eppy, even though they had agreed that a zombie would conataminate a well, Dixon decides to wear some zombies VIRUS RIDDEN DECAYING EARS around his neck like once upon a time in 'Nam. Not only that. . . . . . ends up falling on the ground and the "necklace" getting in his mouth. As one character tells the Sheriff in the third eppy. . . . . . ". . how did you survive this long?"

Not nay saying the show, just putting it out there in case. . . . . we ever have a real zombie apocalypse, lol.


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to me, shane acts scared.  i think that's understandable, but maybe not so much since they seem to be well armed, & he's 'trained' & all.  so, the only time to me where he acted like a villain was when he was thinking of killing ric in the woods...that's what u pointed out, i think.  now personally, if i had been the old guy, & saw smone pointing a gun at smbody  & it was obvious they were taking aim...i'd have slipped a heads up to the potential target, but maybe that's just me.  o, i just remember, shane shooting poor otis like he did, sacrificing him...yeah, shane's a weak dick head alright...well, i guess that makes us keep tuning it, right?  lol

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You rightSmile But to me if your changing out of fear and anger, that you actually harm others for your selfish wants than your a villian, its clear that he cant mentally handle the zombie apycolips, so that is driving him mad. He doesn't have ANY guilt for shoooting Otis. while the others wouldve actually get themselves killed for trying to save otis. But from what I saw, the both wouldv'e got away, and if they couldnt get away than he didn't need to shoot otise, just out run him. And in seasoon one I did refer to when Daile saw him aiming the gun at rick, but remember when he also sexuall assalted ricks wife in season one. It was pretty much a rape. I think he is a Villian, one of the most successful villians, ones that can move with the good guys unnoticed and passed as one.


I think Shane IS feeling guilty as his flashbacks and pained expression seem to show but he is becoming an undependable nut case. I cant believe he cant just back off on the Sheriffs wife what with the frikken WORLD OVER and all that is going on. Its about SURVIVAL not SOAP. BUT. . . . . they also arent all behaving too normal cause it IS a t.v. show to entertain us. Many times a character in a story will act differently than expected SIMPLY CAUSE ITS A SCRIPT and they want them to do the unexpected. By that I mean that in real life, there is a REASON most people can be profiled and exhibit a certain behavior. In movies its different cause a scriptwriter wants them to do the "unexpected" wether it fits in character or not. He most def IS the villain of this story. There is NO coming back from the murder of a friend much less everything else.

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A friend once told me that, this is FEARnet where half the fun of horror is talking about possiblities and making the horror as potentially real as possible to make it MORE frightening

So we want to forget about scripts and whatnut, I thought the flashbacks were memories, I didn't detect any guilt in shane whats so ever,no tears, no facial expressions, its like the death of otis didn't faze him at all. At least thats that i gathered from it. Sheeze, that bitch that shot Darrel is showing more guilt than shane, and when he shaved his head, well you cant judge by his hairdo, but look at his face, he's about to crack, you can tell right there some sort of psycological tramas showing.

The charaters who is handling the end of the world best is Darrel and Dale. Actually this whole situation seems to changing Darrel from a redneck asshole to a softty caring person.

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u guys make good points.  i forgot about how he forced himself on ric's wife.  yeah, he deserves some sort of come uponce, right? 

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My feioncea pointed this out

Dale is older, so he prob experienced war times and is capable of handling the stress of lack of resources and Darryl is a country boy. Raised to survive on his own if needed.

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I thought 1st season was OK. Then we dumped the cable; so all I watch is online now. 

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They do have a genny....Beth mentioned it in one of the eppis' last seaon I watched the marathon they had


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