It may be obvious, but I like it

It may be obvious, but I like it

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"Fuck your Grandma!

Fuck your mama!

Fuck your sister! 

Most of all, fuck you!"


Its obvious, but that line always makes me laugh!

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I'm sorry, its just one of my favourite movies, horror or otherwise. Am I alone in thinking that movie is also f**kin funny? Or am I just twisted? I found it hilarious. My sister can't  understand my reaction to that movie. 

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i love it! & yes it is very funny! heres my copy of devils:devils rejects

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So cool.....

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Well put chica! Pretty fookin obvious for sure! That is my favorite scene of House of 1000 Corpses. Capt. Spaulding and that smile kicked some ass fo sho!

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I guess this is where I mesh cute and twisted.... House of 1000 Corpses is deliciously funny and grotesque....almost like a comic book, so gory and so f**kin funny and even sexy..... And hey, you don't turn your back on a clown when he's talkin' to ya!!!!!

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haha this movie is amazing, and i agree this movie was also very very funny.

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One of my favorite quotes from that is: RUN RABBIT, RUN!!!

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House of 1000 corpes

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