Red State

Red State

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Saw this gem over the Holiday.....liked it  had (for me anyway)a fairly decent storyline.....good characters the crazy preacher and fanatical.....followers.....and man oh man has John Goodman aged horribly!!!!!

3 skulls1/2

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to each there own & all that but i hated this film! i recently did a blog about it........


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I have to agree with klownz. I was so excited that Kevin Smith was doing a film like this. Then i watched it and as much as i love Kevin Smith, I wanted to smack him upside his head. This could have been a great film, but something about it just didn't do it for me. Oh well it seems like everytime i get excited, I end up getting let down. Thats why i don't get excited about much anymore.

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how about the script ,,the acting,, the whole feel of the movie , was just so amateur, i must say the trailer and wirte ups before hand made it seem pretty cool like some big explosive shoot out, but it was like they was all old pensioners shooting potatoes!!!



It was a lame attempt to subliminally brainwash audiences into equating the POLITICAL term Red State with these one dimensional, fanatical, EXTREME characatures of conservatives that LIVE in a "Red State". No balance, no fairness, just blatant, nasty, one sided, EXTREME attempt. I will never watch a Kevin Smith film nor think he even has any brains or skill. Bad story, bad writing, bad dialogue, over the top acting and really just plain silly. Sorry Mr.B. Just my opinion, lol.


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Hey bruh no worries here!


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