The Suspense is Boring Me

The Suspense is Boring Me

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Spiral..... predictable schizo/horror come on, ever been in a psych ward? Madness does not give way to art or murder or blah blah blah what a predictable movie, it seemed like some college know-it-all wanted to make a statement about mental illness... what statement that is, I'm too bored to go on....

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Are you talking about the movie "Spiral"? Yes, it was boring but that's why it's a suspense. You have to get to know the characters first and then it builds up to the climax. There was no horror fest gratification in this movie. They didn't show graphic scenes of murder. It's what they didn't show that was supposed to be horrifying and I thought they did a good job.

You never knew if the main character just had some type of social phobia or if he was totally nuts and the ending was surprising because you thought he was just imagining things...not that he was a serial killer.

He was pretty much of a whimp though. But I guess that's why you would never suspect him of such horrible deeds. Personally, I would have kicked his skinny ass.

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My problem was not lack of gore, but rather the fact that I had this one figured out 12 mins into it and it was pedestrian fare full of the usual mental illness cliches and predictable plot twists that would mesmerize anyone who has never actually sampled the banquet of films in this genre, but prefers their horror movies of the "Banquet Dinner" variety. Quick and easy to digest with lots of bright shiny colours.

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spiral isnt a horror film anyway & it only got marketed that way because Adam (hatchet) Green directed it. I was disapointed with spiral aswell because when i picked it up i was under the impression adam green had written it, turns out i was wrong! still worth the watch though

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