Fearnet Movies Suck!!!

Fearnet Movies Suck!!!

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Really? Mangler? Really? That was the best you could do? Oh, and what about the snooze-fest "Psych 9" I still haven't watched it to it's end because I get so damn bored. Yes, Friday the 13th, very cool, we get it, can't you dig into your archives for something more.... orphan. Long forgotten yet oh so chilling. There must be something frightening there. And "Warlock"? Really? Are we just catering to the vanilla horror fans or are we going to see some real films? And, no, they needn't be all blood and gore, its the story that counts but that the point I'm trying to make. ITS THE STORY THAT COUNTS. I'm sick of all the "horror" movies from the Hollywood Factory and tired of know-it-all fresh out of college kids with dreams of boobs and buckets of blood. Horror is supposed to be told by storytellers. People who know people, what scares us, what makes us curl up in the fetal position yet always coming back for more. Horror is supposed to break boundaries and do disturbing things and ignite uncomfortable fires. That's the point. Horror is art, and great art is dangerous. Its uncomfortable. Its disturbing. Find those long lost relics...please Fearnet!  Your choice of movies, for lack of a better word, sucks. 

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I'll just keep writing reviews of the movies and send them to Fearnet admin. Do they really want to know what I think? Oh....they'll regret that green light! 

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That is an excellent idea; I'm going to start a Fearnet movie blog...


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If you guys think Fearnet movies suck you should try watching Chiller. The only saving grace for that channel is that they show old episodes of Buffy. But I can watch those on Netflix if I want to....they used to show Freddys Nightmares all the time and that was awesome but they even took that off the air. Give me fearnet over chiller any day.


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Honestly, there are movies in the public domain vault that are better offerings.  I know legalities can be a bitch, but, I'm sure SOMETING better is out there ! 

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Someone mentioned Autopsy! OMG if i see that freaking cheesy azz movie one more time. They can film my massacre and make a great movie on that alone. I don't have the actual channel of FearNet but i have the 'Free Movies' on demand thing and some of the stuff is okay but its always the old sheet we've seen a thousand times. Anything else is so horribly b-rate its awful. Don't get me wrong i can enjoy some b-rate stuff if its acted out well.



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