Mytophobia In Preproduction

Mytophobia In Preproduction

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hello all.  my upcoming short film Myctophobia is currently in preproduction.  We're fundraising to make sure we can pay our cast and crew.  Check out the description below and if you have a few extra dollars to give click on the Indie Go Go link below.

Freakwolf Productions is happy to announce that their upcoming short film Myctophobia begins production in February as part of the short film  compilation The Collective Volume 4. The theme of all the films on The Collective Volume 4 is emotions. Writer/Director Bryan Wolford was given Fear and while researching different phobias Bryan settled on Myctophobia which is labeled as a Fear of Darkness. He then crafted a story about Kelly who has a fear of the dark and while at home by herself the lights go out. She soon finds herself bombarded by sights and sounds that only strengthen her fear of the dark. Is all of it really happening or only in her head? The Collective Volume 4 is scheduled to premiere at the Days Of The Dead convention ( on July 6th -July 8th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

With Myctophobia we want to bring a great atmospheric story to your screen. Sure blood and guts are fun sometimes but we want our viewers to feel Kelly's dread in their stomachs. We will prove that you don't need a big budget to produce big scares. We want to bring that fear of darkness to life in front of your eyes and make you start to worry when you shut your lights off at night that you get a small pit in your stomach and try to convince yourself that the noise you just heard was only the cat in the living room. Wait . . . do you even have a cat?

The project is currently fund raising through Indie Go Go in the hopes of raising a small amount of money to make sure the cast and crew gets a little pocket change out of the experience and to help pay for some special effects for the film. All of the filming with be done over a weekend in late
February thus keeping the costs low. Anyone can donate to the project through the Indie Go Go page and receive incentives like signed copies of The Collective Volume 4, an invite to the cast and crew screening, and a cast and crew exclusive t-shirt. Info for donations can be found at  IndieGoGo.Com/Myctophobia.

The main character of Kelly will be played by Kitsie Duncan. Kitsie has gained a dedicated following in the Indiana horror scene as a scream queen in  numerous horror films and helps her husband Chris Jay in a producer role for
their production company Darkrider Studios ( which
produces their own films as well as providing multiple media services. She was
a producer and actress in the film Lethal Obsession which has made the rounds at horror film festivals and horror conventions across the country.

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need to see something mate to make judgement!!

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such as past films, messages, etc?  Check out my Youtube channel here:


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