Celebrity Big Brother!!??

Celebrity Big Brother!!??

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its fookin massive here in the UK,, well fairly big,,, but this year contestents, had one guy in particular that of Mr Micheal Madsen , and i tell you what ,,, what a fookin character he is,, hes been a legend , and maybe might win the fookin thing,, great for passing the night away !!!Come ON Micheal !!

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Michael Madsen looks kind of like the Sandman in those pictures, ha ha... ECW! ECW! ECW!

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The Corey feldman who played in  The Goonies an The lost boys. Omfg I watched him dancin on ice on  youtube

Uhh no tht was funny as hell

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They band BIG BROTHER FORABOUT 4 YEARS In AUSTRALIA FOR BEING TO RUDE..ETC.... but!!!!! guess what its coming this year!!!!..I cannot wait I use to love watching it when i use to live in the UK......every night i was there watching it........i did not move YES!!! VERY SAD but i loved it........ xoxoxo

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