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Why is there a small amout of movies and not alot of scary movies we can watch? There used to be at least 20 I think we could watch but now only 3. I' m just asking What happened to' em all?

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Hmmm ................. why not just download ANY! movie for FREE? ....... simples

i carnt really answer your question though because none of fearnet movies can be aired here in the UK because of distribution rights from what i understand ............. i only use fearnet for the community ........ that i fuckin love!


Yep. There USED to be a larger variety, changed more frequently, awhile back. That changed. Dont know why. Maybe because of the FEARnet channel, maybe not having rights to the flick, maybe having to pay MORE for the rights.. . . . .

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Not only that they had some killer web series but those are gone as well "sigh"

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