Any thoughts on the new episode

Any thoughts on the new episode

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I thought it was quite boring. I was hoping for more drama. And i didnt see that spoiler that carpy told us about.

What did you think?

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heres me hating this series at the beginning, but i am very much a walker now!!!, just bought leon a figure set for his birthday of 2 walkers ,grimes and daryl equipped with crossbow, hes walking dead mad!!!




LOL. Sounds like the little man is taking after his horror loving dad ! Nice !Z O M B I E !

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1st off I want Shane to die because he is the last person you want with you in the Z-PAW. You know you can't trust him at all.


2nd How the hell did the bar stay so nice and Zed-free while the school/emergency center was literally mobbed.

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shane didnt get shanked but i can see it coming....i liked it....rick smoking those guys caught me by suprise....

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yeah what i heard was shane does get stabbed by grimes, in this series, so i dont know how many episodes are in series 2 , i think 15, so maybes there will be a build up to this between the breakdown of friendship between these two main characters and that  finally at the end of  epi 15 or whatever,, sees grimes plunge the knife deep into shanes chest , all will be revealed , but what the fook do i know!!!!i  just read a lot of shit on the internet!!

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My husband and I are fans of any GOOD zombie movie, etc.  We enjoy the show, but on our schedules we started recording episodes last season.  Then we discovered not only were we fast forwarding thru commercials but also some slow parts as well.

We kinda agree, love the show, effects are great but plot moves a little too slow.  But I'm sure they need to spread their "zombie effects" budget through out the season.

Don't know about some of you but if I was in a zombie apocolypse, and in a small band of survivors; I would be "UP THE ASS OF EVERYONE AROUND ME", not spread out by themselves as some where on the farm land. (safety in numbers)

One more thing than I'll leave...anyone else kinda cringe when they call them "Walkers"?  I mean, call them for what they are ZOMBIES.  thx


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Well this and along with many other zombie related films, takes place in a world where the concept of a "zombie" never existed. So this is all completely new to them. Personally i think it makes a film (or tv show) more genuine in the reaction that they have to the zombies. When they decide for the,selves whether theyre still people or not. It makes the world more accessable.

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i know what your saying about the 'walker' thing,, i just call em that only when i am in a discussion based on the walking dead,,lol,, otherwise i am with u on the call em zombie trip!!!LOL,,,,'walkers' wtf!!!LOLLaughing

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They are starting to show less and less zombie/walker/zeds/ I want my violence back against the walkers....come on guys kill some fookin zombies

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THANK YOU! Finally im not the only one that misses the extreme violence. It even had a content (violence only) warning at the beginning and there was barely any. The next one better not dissapoint this time.


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