Any thoughts on the new episode

Any thoughts on the new episode

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I thought it was quite boring. I was hoping for more drama. And i didnt see that spoiler that carpy told us about.

What did you think?

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I hope they dont hollypussy it up by minimizing what is going on

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The just need to kill Shane. Leave the farm (or what i would do is kill the old man and take over the farm for my people) and get back to the damn action. Do we all remmeber how seriously gory the first season was??? I miss that. Now its all about who loves who, whos pregenant and whether they want to keep it. And people sulking around in there own state of depression. Its like were watching a teenager soap opera about highschool. COME ONE WALKIN DEAD!!!


My GUESS is that we are going to see more than THAT. If you remember the two shitbags in the bar, there are supposed to be MORE of them. If thats true. . . . . . might be time for some old fashioned defending your castle violence. I think the farm will be destroyed and time to move on with NEW members which also means NEW meat AND, the old bullshit Hollywood favorite concept of "Eden lost".

THERES ALWAYS ONE (click/action)

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 R U a mystery writer for this show?........AH ha this is where you get all your

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I think that there is going to be a slaughter at the bar if they keep the consistant "Gunfire attracts walkers" idea. Going to be a hell of a mess with a three way fight.


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