Seriously?!? Beetlejuice 2???

Seriously?!? Beetlejuice 2???

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Really?!?!? Why can't they leave shit alone? It definitely seems that every single, solitary, tiniest little shred of originality and creativity has been Sucked completely out of the film industry and spit like a huge, chunky loogie that goes SPLAT into the toilet!

I CRAVE for something Unique!!! Yell

Insanity Results

Ok, I'm done ranting now...

Have a nice day!

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i wouldnt worrie mate i bet it never happens! they have been on about doing it for years! ........... am up for it but am not holding my breath

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 I was little kid when Beetlejuice came out,  had a bit of a fascination with it at the time, wore out the VHS tape, had beetlejuice toys, loved the  cartoon, had buttons,   If it a sequel is done that is true to the original, and not just a cash grab based off the name, like Creepshow 3 and American Psycho 2 were, than I am all for it. I think sequels, with good intentions of adding to the legacies of franchises, are fine,  especially in our beloved genre, its just bad when there are motives of cashing in on the name of the franchise is more important than the creators visions for their characters that ruins legacies........ I think I am glad to hear "sequel" as opposed to "remake" or "reimagining"

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Yes, I suppose it is a good thing they aren't attempting a remake at least. I've just had it up to my eyeballs with all the damned sequels! This just a case of the proverbial "straw thhat broke the camel's back". Enough is enough already! We all know Hollywood goes in cycles, but the sequel bombardment has been going strong for 4+ years and it's grown tiresome.

Oh well, whatcha gonna do...

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 I have heard about them wanting to do another or remake of my Beetlejuice. I don't know if they got Tim Burton to be the director again but I think he said no since he has other projects on his plate. I also hear that they want to get the old cast which would be cool but Glenn Shadix who was Otho is dead. I loved watching the cartoons of Beetlejuice and the movie I love but Beetlejucie I am still not sure about that. 

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The movie and cartoon were awesome! Tim Burton and Keaton should be in the reboot

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There were actually plans to do a sequel immediately after the first film called 'Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian', and a script was written, but it came at a time when all the original cast were 'contractually obligated' to other projects-but they all did want to be involved. It just never happened. But now that all their careers have slowed down-the idea is being resurfaced to make a sequel-i have also heard rumors about a re-make with an entirely different cast-so who knows which way they are going to go? If it's a good quality sequel with Tim Burton behind it and all the original cast-I'M FOR IT!!


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beetle juice was a classic film,a cult classic,mainly due 2 the fine work of tim burton,an micheal keaton now if they were 2do this film with none of these,an had no reference 2the 1st film i dont think it wud work,its just insane,an i dont think many people wud go an see it,it just WOULDNT WORK!!!!!,now the only way i cud see this workin,was if tim burton got on board,as he is great at doing those quirky,off beat films,that dont do that well at the box office,but just become cult classics,coz of who he is,an being so gud at what he does,now if they also managed in sum way 2bring back keaton who was just brilliant as beetle juice,an maybe winona ryder it cud just work,but haveing this film with out burton an keaton is like havein n.m.o.e.s. with out wes craven an robert englund= disasterYell

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It surprised me to hear about the possible sequel because it's been quite a while since the first. Because of that I think it would be a dud, even if they got everyone to return.

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I think ur right there,ive never known a film,if it is going 2have a sequel,2wait so long in between films do u?,i mean most films normally wait a year or maybe 3,idk 4sure,but ur right,the wait has been 2longYell


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