CGI or Movie Make-up

CGI or Movie Make-up

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I think now with all these movie make-up shows on si-fy. Or better yet I hope that we will see more real mosters and effects in movies in the near future. Instead of this computer fake ass non textured creature/blood looks. IDK about you but if its not oozing,dripping,and pour good old fashion gore. I lose tons of interest in the movie even if it has great plot and acting. Its the body of the movie the drive between fantacy and reality. I can only get scared if I can believe that this possible can be real!!!!!

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I believe both can be combined to make some truely incredible effects. Like in Slither, Wrong Turn, Final Destination, and a million others.


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FX all the way ,, CGI blows!!!!

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CGI has destroyed the "magic" of movies. A digital blood spurt looks horrible and even sounds ridiculous. Not to mention how CGI pretty much ruined the new half of the Star Wars saga and talents the likes of Tom Savini going to waste...

rift267's picture kinda with neener on this one...some CGI enhances fx...and its one of those things that as much as u want isnt going away...its only becoming more prevalent...and as time goes on refining to the CGI world will make it better...

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never will CGI in its advancements become as good as FX, even adding cgi to FX looks terrible!!! look at the fookin mess they made of the new THING movie,, fooked it right up!!!

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do u remember CGI ten years ago? it was SHIT!!!!!!! technology is not saying that at THIS point in time yeah it kinda does ruin a good FX job but we also cant live in the sure ppl in the early days of horror might have thought all these special FX the youngins were doing ruined the trade...but look at us now...we live off FX maybe ppl in 20 yrs will look back at out eras improvements on horror like we look on draculas or frankenstein...although i love the lighting tricks and all that in those films id much rather have some good FX and modern techniques in film

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its just the whole CGi thing ,, the very mention of the word and i just cringe!!

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lol...i get ya bro...but times they are a changing....and either we adapt or get left behind....on a lil side note...can u imagen in 100-200 yrs will rap and techno or rock be considered classical music? like that of mozart or bethoven?

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fookin hell mate  u out there bro!!!!LOL

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I prefer old school style but i do agree with neener that when done right the blending of the two works best. When its all CGI it looks shit everytime though


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