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So i just got back from walkin back watchin Act Of Valor. I really liked it but there were some things not to like. I feel like they tryed a little to hard to be patriotic and "epic". Also the trailers, tv spots, and propoganda definitely made it seem like more than it was. Also this is definitely one of those films that if youve seen the trailer than youve seen the movie. Pretty generic but i did somewhat enjoy it. I reccomend it.


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I wanna see tht movie like soo bad...seee some hot navy dudes

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LOL thats funny. Theres only like 2 dudes that could be considered "hot". All the others are rugged, scar faced, gold teeth bastards. All badasses and aparently mostly real Navy Seals.

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I heard this movie was made for the purpose of getting viewers to want to join the Navy Seals. That its a propaganda movie in that sense. Certainly not just anyone can be a Navy Seal. I think since it was a Navy Seal team that ambushed Bin Laden,  there is now this push from Hollywood to want to celebrate the Seals. I don't think just anyone can be a Navy Seal, they certainly deserve our respect, but I get very leery of movies with a goal to get the viewer to think a particular way. 

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A good friend of mine was a seal and I have IMMENSE respect for him and his fellow seal's. It definitely takes a certain kind of individual to go through the training. It doesn't surprise me in the least that this movie MAY be out to help recruit but I still very much want to see it!


To a certain extent I understand what Cardinallron is saying. RED STATE was an example of a shit brainwashing attempt. But this movie is NOT political but it IS pro military. You know. The guys who keep you FREE and SAFE. So I dont mind a little patriotic "recruiting" hoopla.

BUT, this movie that our liberal propaganda media claims is a "recruiting move" is NOT a "recruiting movie" because in current times you HAVE to be a special operator or have unique skills to apply for BUDs training (SEAL training) WHEN THEY STARTED, you COULD apply to SEALS right out of school. NOW you have to be experienced, RANGER, RECON, SWCC or from another specialized unit. SO, you have to ALREADY be an experienced trooper, preferably special ops in nature to become a SEAL. But, hey, Hollywood knows it all.

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I didnt feel it was a recruiting movie in any sense of the phrase. Sure it was made just on the jump of when SEAL team 6 killed Bin Laden but hey, whatever. USA USA USA!!!!! I dont need a reason to go see a patriotic movie. Even if it is only been filmed because of a recent event

On another note i HATE the fact that they used digital blood MULTIPLE TIMES instead of squibs. Im just a 19 year old film making amatuer and i am not kidding when i say that i literally own the digital blood splatter they used. You can buy it for 50 bucks on a website. Its called Action Essentials and nearly everyone uses it now and that PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF. Its one thing for 13 year olds on youtube to do it but for professional Hollywood filmmakers to do it? Thats wrong. Thats why im going to use NO digital blood in my films.

Whatever happend to stuff like this?



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