Dale NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Dale NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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I didn't know a side effect for this disease is super strength. I was in shock that the zombie effortlessly ripped a mans entire chest open in the middle of a struggle.


You ARENT wrong ! ! I have ALWAYS mentioned that a CORPSE is STILL the same body that was alive. I cant imagine an everyday guy, who CANT gut someone with his bear hands suddenly being able to. Hell, MAYBE the world strongest man IF HE ALSO LETS HIS FINGERNAILS GROW. I understand they dont feel pain so they can exert more force because of this but then fingers should BREAK. ALSO, without a beating heart and NO functioning body chemistry, muscles should be deteriorating, fluid and enzyme and chemical/nutrient free and should just RIP under too much exertion. I guess we have to SUSPEND BELIEF. Just like when someone gets attacked by a horde, and somehow shows up as a zombie when in reality, he should be a pile of bones. Instead he shows up with a few bite marks or missing chunks. He should look like the body in the park in the first episode. NOT A DANGER unless you step in its mouth when walking.


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this last eppi was great....me and the gf were watching and she did mention,,,have u guys noticed i think his name is Tdog kinda fall into the background? the only line he was gonna have in the last 3-4 eppis was interrupted...lol...kinda seems like theyre phazing him out...and that lil fooking kid is becoming a liability...that creek scene i was thinking was gonna be like his right of passage so i was thinking he was gonna knife him of blast him my girl thought shane was gonna save him...to our amusement lil bastard ran...we both chuckled saying wow didnt see that one coming...a right of passage scene woulda been great IMO....from boy to zombie killer...but ehhh and i agree with neener shoulda been shane


Well, T-Dog has been front and center in one or two eppys. Merle on the roof, cut on the highway and he has dispatched a few but he has been underused. Im sure his time to step up will come. If you notice, they have actors step up, just to mow them down, lol. Im sure they will be leaving with some of the farm peeps or maybe the peeps the "dirty 30" attacked (the dad and two daughters the prisoner spoke of) or even some of the 30 as the plot progresses.

I WANT THE KID EATEN !!!!!!!!!!!

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ur right HF....maybe theyre saving him for something special...to say the least this eppi re-charged me and i hope it also did so for the ones saying WD was getting boring...

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Well theres only 2 damn episodes left so they better do something soon.

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Don't worry klownz I like Shane just as much as you. He seems to be the only person who gets the extremeness of the situation. It's the freakin zombie apocolypse! You do what you have too to stay alive, no matter what it is! I am so glad Dale's hippy ass is dead, now for Carl!

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The next show should be crazy...R.I.P DALE.Cool

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Let me get this straight okay....cuz I am having trouble unnerstanding.......Do you like mini-shane or not?

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA.......er cough cough cough


LMAO. . . . . . . HATE that little mini-shane !


. . . . . . take his little nasty, dumbass BACK TO ATLANTA. . . . . . . .



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