Dale NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Dale NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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I definitely agree that Dale should have at least attempted to shoot the damn thing. And of course we all know the guts ripping is ridiculous (and maybe once they're used to how much gore they can get away with on cable TV, they'll stop doing that). But I actually thought his death was meaningful, in the sense that he had to be shot in the head after being the only one that didn't want to shoot the prisoner. It basically showed that, as much as we might want to agree with him, he was wrong. Sometimes you have to put morals and feelings aside in order to survive. That's what I got from the scene anyway.


Yep. Sometimes life is about hard choices.

BUT. . . . again. These peeps walk around the farm like they dont have a care in the world. Sometimes defenseless or with NO sense of preparedness. I cannot believe in such a frightening apocalyptic world that not only has zbs but has other people raping and murdering, you would walk around like a day in the park. These writers should all be forced to watch THE ROAD to learn how people would behave during an apocalypse. Darabont would have done a better job.


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Exactly HF, The Road was a great movie and they definitely shoudl have been forced to watch that along with other zombie survival classics. Kinda like how Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick frost all watched a plethura of zombie classics before making Shaun Of The Dead. I firmly believe that was a definative factor in why it was such a hit. because it was so true to the genre. Frank Darabont was an avid zombie fan and dreamed of making a zombie related film or TV show for decades before he finally got to make The Walking Dead. Loved the first season but this second one is really just not working out. New episode tomorrow so we'll see what happens.


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