LMAO. Silly me. Tried to but couldnt make it through the "horror" flick, THE OREGONIAN. No. . . . not the newspaper. I made it to about 40 minutes before I fast forwarded it to where I finished the remaining movie in about one minute and so many seconds (and I watched the 40 while cleaning stuff). Polite peeps who think they are "artistic" and probably really autistic have called this snoozefestshitbagofnothing . . . . . . avant garde. Well, if avant garde means snoozefestshitbagofnothing then I guess they are right. But since I HAVE seen avant garde stuff that is GOOD, I will have to chalk it up to the times I saw avant garde stuff that was garbage. Thats why I dont go to avant garde type shows anymore.

Anyone seen this waste of "artistic" celluloid? It "premiered" at the Sundance film fest where even those pretentious asswipes walked out.

What did you think?

For those who didnt see it. . . . . . . . . lucky you. BUGGIN' SMILEYSNOOZE FEST

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well just watching the trailer was enough for me, thanks for the heads up that would've been a bummer to waste the time on it.


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