Drive Angry......Doomsday

Drive Angry......Doomsday

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Watched Doomsday and Drive Angry over the weekend....first D.A. Typical Cage movie but I really enjoyed it couple of great cars and cool violence.  I really enjoyed the charcater of the Accountant played by William Fichtner (Blackhawk Down,Armegeddon,Entourage) I thought he was a cool addition to the movie.....The only thing I didnt like was the ending......overall I liked it.3 skulls












Doomsday......This movie was great lots of good violence and a good story with a typical bad guy politicians...and the punker cannibals were awesome Rhona Mitra who plays Eden Sinclair is smoking hot! and Malcom McDowell who plays Kane did a great job.  The scene with Good thing  by The Fine Young cannibals was great and the 2 tribes(carnage mix) with the Bentley was awesome though silly at times...... I enjoyed it3 skulls1/2

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I enjoyed DRIVE, the accountant was the coolest part of the flick, lol. Very understated.

I LOOOOOVE Rhona Mitra and DOOMSDAY. Movie got a WEE bit kitschy at times with the whole "medieval times" part but still excellent.

Never thought a woman with a tattood FACE could look so hot. The actress that played the cannibal got sick so they used the professional stunt woman for her role. GREAT choice. The villain was perfect.



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I liked the "leader" of their tribe......I liked as I said above those 2 scenes with the music in 2 tribes and FYC

The accountant was my fav in D.A.


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I am wanting to watch Drive. i have heard nothing but good things about the movie. i would also like to watch doomsday again. I haven't seen it since it first came out. I remember liking the movie, but other than that i don't really remember to much about it.


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