Does anyone else on here actually enjoy this show? Looking for a proper discussion about it!

Does anyone else on here actually enjoy this show? Looking for a proper discussion about it!

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I'm getting the vibe that most people on here think one of two things: 1) The characters are boring and the show is too slow, or, 2) there isn't enough blood and gore.

I don't get it guys..isn't the mark of a good show being that it has substance? I mean, what would be the point if it didn't. I've seen a thousand horror films, and rarely do I ever give a damn about most of the characters, or care where the film is going, because I already know how it ends. At least with The Walking Dead, I can be stunned or shocked by events like Dales death. I can be left with anticipation of the cool s**t, like the upcoming zombie fight. If it was all handed out too quickly, I can guarantee the fans would get bored...I guess I'm not a fan of instant gratification? I prefer something that will keep me on edge and involved.

So, add your input to this topic!! I really want to hear what you think about this show. And, please, if you love this show for all it's brilliance, say so!!


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I even like the iconic picture of the zombie that Rick finds in the park. Although "dangerous" in that it IS a zombie, in reaching for Rick TO EAT HIM, the zombie almost looks pitiful and asking for help or release from its inhuman existence. A perfect symbol/metaphor for the series and their travails. Surviving, fighting but trying not to lose their humanity.

Thanks for putting up the pic Lizzie.

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Theres a boat load of symbolism in The Walking Dead. I dont remeber if it was the episode before last or 3 episodes back but there was a zombie wandering around aimlessly trying to find food but he's in such a fast farm crop field that he cant find anything and is just sort of walking around aimlessly. Sort of symbolism for the survivors and how they are just trying to survive in a place thats almost impossible for them to survive, not knowing what comes next, just living day to day. Or at least in the comisc them going from place to place, wandering the vastly dead wasteland that is the post-apocolyptic zombie world.

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i enjoy the show it is a roller coaster sometimes action sometimes slow but i am sure if that were to really happen you would not be constantly running and shooting zombies to be a good show you need characters that you like or hate or just have to deal with without that you have a show that has all the substance as a shoot um up video game

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I really enjoyed the season 2 last was what i was waiting for.Looking forward to season 3.Cool

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I have really enjoyed this season sure there are some shiteboat zombie.jpegshield I will overlook(mostly hollywood bullshite) but some of the continuity things Sarge has pointed out like the bolts Darrell uses to hunt and kill walkers with......blood splatter....etc.....although that doesnt matter now that everyone is infected and its just a matter of time before the big zed virus gets ya!

It seems that Rick as upright etc that he acted kept that lil secret from the group, that seems like vital info everyone could use


Yeah. In a LIFE OR DEATH situation. It seems best NOT to hide the truth about things. You never know what someone ELSEs thoughts might be on it that might even improve/solve/give an option the problem. Smart or not, everyones thoughts may contribute something unthought of previously.


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I knew the group-whatever would be left of it-at the end if this season were about to discover that they're all infected. It had to be realized eventually. If they weren't able to figure it out by now, then I can't really blame Rick for not pointing it out. However, it was written that way to signify the turn his character makes.

Even though Rick is essentially a "good guy", seeing his deterioration from leader to dictator has been well played. I loved his last speech. I actually agreed with him. All the women were trying to propose parting ways, but like Rick said, he never asked for that role, and now that he is accepting it, it's his way, or go. In fairness, it's him who has kept them alive in terms of pushing forward, finding them safety, keeping them together, and then they wanted to bale because things got bad. I reckon he should have told them to piss off. None the less, he has gone a little bat s*it crazy, and I cannot imagine what's going to happen when the Governor comes into it. If there's going to be some similarity to the GN, then things are going to become very brutal, very fast... 



I dont agree that Rick went batshit crazy, lol. He came to realize what ANYONE in a combat situation has to realize, (SOONER is better) Democracy is great when dealing in peace, when making decisions without a Life or Death situation in mind. BUT, in survival and the heat of battle, there can be NO democracy. There has to be PROPER leadership, chain of command, dedication to a common GROUP goal. Otherwise everyone is dead from indicision, "voting", individual agendas. It HAS to be a team effort, but there has to be a leader. So I dont think he went from "nice guy" to dictator. I think he went from peacetime niceties to survival/war leadership command.










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Don't get me wrong, I meant batshit crazy in the best possible way, haha. In terms of his character at the start of the show, being very calm, focused, and democratic, he has done a 180 at this point. I love it personally :) It was sad in a way to see his behaviour change. I did like the peace time Rick, but now that they're once again on the road, and under prepared, I'm glad that he has emerged as a "take no s*it" leader. It's  the only practical approach to their current situation. Also, when the Governor comes in, someone has to be vicious. If the GN is anything to go by, the Gov. is going to be mercilessly brutal; and the group will be screwed without the War time Rick we all know now. 

And Andrea just got a little better in my opinion. She was okay before, but I admire her survival instinct (considering she ran for hours through a dense forest being chased by walkers, and having hand to hand combat), she did alright in my book. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what comes from her in the 3rd season. Just wanted to throw that thought out there. 


Andreas character progression has been the best. From normal but dependent to despondent and suicidal to angry, distracted and uncooperative, to a no nonsense, common sense asset and bad ass. And STILL hot. LOL. LOVE smart, strong and sexy. I DID like that despite her support of Shane she seemed aghast at the neurotic nonsense of him wanting to disarm the group and keep them "penned up" until they recognized HIM as the new leader. TAKING THE SHOT


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