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Just got back from the movie silent house. What can i say, except awsome flick! It opens with the credits and no soundtrack and we see the girl go into the houssse with her father. As the story develops we watch as the situation in and around th house become increasingly dangerous and intense. As we as the viewer watches the horrific events unfold, we are constantly thinking we got the gist of this story and all of its subplots. I found myself saying oh this is what is happening only to say later on OK maybe not. I highly recomend this film as it keeps you guessing till the end, and does not rely ongore to be an effective vehicle. ELIZABETH OLSEN is stunning in her portrayal of the young daughter, and the director deserves acclaim for the use of only old houe sounds for background noise the only noticable music score i actually noticed was at the very end of this movie. A very nice horror movie that does it old style with twists and suspense not gore and out and out violence. 4 out of 5 SKULLS.

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Thanks caller ! Will give this a looksee !

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does it follow the same story exactly as la casa muda,, the original in which this is taken from,, if so then I am intrigued ,, i found the original could of been a lot better so this one sounds as though they may have beefed it up a bit obviously!!, still cant see how this can be as good as the original , but then let the right one in was as good as the original just shame about the movie !!!Surprised

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It was really hit and miss to be honest. Extremely boring at the beginning and tries SO hard to be artsy fartsy with its camera angles. And what really pissed me off is that i  truely wasnt one single take. I clearly noted at least 3 switches. For proof of the cuts heres my review.

An American remake of a film from Uruguay by Gustavo Hernandez, this film (though its a carbon copy of its original) doesnt know what kind of horror film it wants to be. Supposedly shot in one single take that spans the entire film (though it isnt and i will explain how i know later), this movie is both boring and lame at some points and riveting and frightening at some points as well.

It begins with our protagonist Sarah returning from a little walk along beach to a house that her, her dad, and her uncle are fixing up, with the intention to sell it. She goes into the house and the power is completely out, every single window is boarded up, and it is pitch dark inside once the front door shuts. Only using the light of there lanterns and flash lights, they walk around the house making improvements and assessing the damage done by the squatters that once took refuge there. The soon find mold and frustrated with the situation, the uncle leaves the house angrily. Soon follows is a dilemma in which Sarahs dad is hurt by an unknown person and this person is now stalking her. She spends quite a while hiding room to room until she finally finds a way out. As she runs far away from the house she is re-united with her uncle. Who is an idiot and brings her back to the house to go and get her dad. But once Sarah braves the house for the second time she finds that all is not what it seems, people arent who the seem to be, and the lines in her sanity begin to blend. She must now solve the mystery of the house while also trying to escape for the second time.

An hour after viewing this film i still cant come to a conclusion whether i actually liked it or not. Im still really on the fence about this one. There were alot of cool things about this film and there is also a ton of bad stuff. I'll start with the good. I really enjoyed the unique little world they created inside the broken down house. Both set design and film tone work together well to create a great surrounding for the film. Though the majority of the events take place in the late day time when the sun is still out, inside the house, in which all the windows are boarded up and the powers out, its extremely dark. I liked that aspect. Another thing i liked was something i didnt really think this film would have. Thats back story. Theres a cool little back story to the characters that goes along with the events in the film. Which is interesting and keeps you guessing for a good amount of time until its fully revealed. Lastly, there were a few scares/tense moments that i liked. Even though the very large majority of the scares and tension are cheap to the viewer and just flat out not scary, there were two scares that were well thought out and incorporated cool camera tricks. That i actually enjoyed.

Alrighty now for the bad. For one, the number one thing there using in the marketing of this film is that its film in one 88 minutes long shot. With no breaks or cut aways. Though it appears that it was, it is in fact not. They were clever i'll give them that, the average movie goer wont catch it but alas there was at least 3 breaks that i could count. We all know that one part of the make up artists job is to recreate make-up, dirt, or blood on the actor to make it look similar to the last shot. And thats how i could tell the didnt in fact do it in one take. At one point blood gets on "Sarah", then about 30 or 40 minutes later, the blood is slightly different. In the same place and the same position but slightly different. As if a make up artist was trying to re-create the blood from the previous shoot. It truly wasnt me imagining anything. Being a film maker who does all his own special effects i can clearly tell. Anyway that aside there is a few other things. One being the camera angles. The film tries oh so hard to be "artistic" and make interesting shots but they failed miserably. Attempting to use techniques from other cerebral films like Pulse and Irreversible is so obvious that its sad. Even more sad that they failed at it. Lastly is the big twist ending. The twist ending incorporate (which wasnt a good idea) a supernatural element. Also the twist as to who the killer was and why is so out of left field it doesnt work. There were a couple of other endings i can think of that follow the twist and the backstory that would have worked much better but unfortunately they tried a little too hard.

All in all this film was alright. some will love it some will hate it. Me? I still have no idea how to feel about it. I know the facts and what worked and what didnt but whether i liked it or not? No clue.

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i am gunna have to see this just for the remake take on it ,, likehow the fuck is it supposed to be in a single take,, thats such a load of bollox,,,i remeber watching and thinkin what the fuck am i watching,, whats this all about  and then it ended and i was left still looking at the screen going u fucking kidding me is that it lol,,, my foot was twitching eagerly to batter the moniter but i gave in ,!!!!lol,, yeah i cant see it myself but will watch it just to tick it off!!!!cheers!!

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