The Walking Dead FINALE *SPOILERS*

The Walking Dead FINALE *SPOILERS*

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So im only 15 minutes in and im already seeing some pretty stupid things. First of all im not feeling the whole "group of zombies walking from the city" thing. It was almost like they made the last episode and were like "oh shit, we need to explain where they came from!". Also, ZOMBIE DONT FUCKING EAT ANIMALS!!!! They did this with the chicken and now with ricks horse? No im sorry that would happen. And finally, Headshots with a shotgun moving in a car at 25 miles per hour. I DONT FUCKIN THINK SO!

Good thing their killing off all the characters nobody gives a fuck about or else some fans might be upset.

AAAAAAAAAAAAND theres the prison.

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From what I understand, the violence and survival story line is going to get ratcheted up. I get the feeling that the Herschel character is a replacement for the DALE character. (since AMC suits kicked Darabont out and Jeff DeMunn was unhappy about it.)

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Death by being vocal....I suprised only 1 Z got to him I am surprised another Z did come over and piss on his corpse

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ok i know i'm behind alot but just today i watch them all and let me tell ya, i'm kinda like WHAT! ok shane got what was coming to him no doubt about that. i'm just thought it would take a little longer for that, plus the kid takes him down in one shot? no way in the real world.

i kind of thought they would have a farm attack but i was sure it was going to be merle who led the zombies to the farm. wasn't expecting dale to go so soon.

and whats up with the nasty attitude towards rick from lori, would she rather rick didn't kill shane? don't you think the prison is going to be filled with zombies? walking around and locked up? and i hold to what i said before, where the hell is merle??? i love to hate that guymerle.jpg


Yeah, I know its supposed to be all "psychological" but Lori is a fookin TWIT. Whispering dangerous shit in Ricks ear to get her point across of how deadly a threat an abviously demented Shane is going to be and then acting all shook up. Rick should shoot her ass too. She's a lousy mom anyway, lmao. Course, HE's a shitty dad with their kid going through others peoples belongings and stealing stuff and always lying. I guess thats how Hollywood sees American families now. Ineffectual, no responsibility, no real punishment, never wrong. . . . . . . . hmmmm. . . . . Wink

I like that old "mr.badass" Shane got his lunch handed to him up close and personal and deep. Should be the end of all bullies. He thought Rick was "nothing" but STILL set things up to HIS advantage. a GOOD Shaneis a DEAD Shane

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from the end of the season i am most looking forward to that new character with the sword ....... i wonder if she has a pikachu?

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i forgot to mention that who the hell is that?? two zombies with no arms i was like, what the hell COOL! zombie walker!

one more thing the old man didn't want to leave his farm and because of him i think thats why his daughter got it!

with shane that was up close and personal!


Her name is Michonne. Neener sez those are her ex bfs that turned. Chained around their MOUTS. Cant grab, cant eat. Just decay and stink.. . . . . . . just like REAL life exes ! !

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Yeah those are her boyfriend and a best friend. She cut their arms off and ripped off their lower jaws so they wont eat her. She is probably the best survivalist by far in the comic so hopefully she will knock some sense into these bafoons

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a little late i know but i hope she has

forgive my tardieness


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