Whats your favorite. . . . "MOVIE WITH A MOTIVATION".

For example, my favorite movie with a motivation is OLD BOY. While the motive can simply be stated as REVENGE, like a nice meal full of appetizers and entres, effort was put into this. The motivator wanted his "victim" to feel, LOSS, ISOLATION, HELPLESSNESS, FURY, CONFUSION and NEAR MADNESS. And incredibly. . . . . accomplished it. The twist of course is that BOTH protagonist and antagonist were victims of each other.

Whats your favorite movie with a motivation and how successfully or unsuccessfully did the character/director get that across. OR. . . did they fail . . . OR was the motivation kinda foolish but still fun.

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Hmmm this is a intresting subject that in all honesty i havent really considerd before & this is the first thread i have seen on this subject oldboy is a great example

i think the greatest film with motivation is that film i recently watched was that film "confessions" the entire film is kinda like a study of motivation each central character has major motivations & there are many characters & the director sews the story together to 100% perfection

good old Hannibal Lechter has more than enough motivation! jigsaw is highly motivated ...... maybe a lil to motivated LOL!



Well, careful now, lol. Lechter IS my favorite horror villain but REALLY, except for his obvious sociopathy, he doesnt have too much motivation in his flicks.

He kills a concert musician cause he sucked, a patient cause he wanted to have fun. You have to AVOID THE CHARACTER and FOCUS ON A MOVIE. In his last one his motivation was saving Clarice. Not complex, no big whoop. NOT saying the movie wasnt good but, FOR ME, not enough to make it great MOTIVATION-WISE. Its just another damsel in distress. His motivation in the movie HANNIBAL, as a young man was better and deeper REGARDLESS of if anyone liked the flick itself.,0,214,317_.jpg

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I did have hannibal rising in mind when i was typing, i see your point though in the other films he is just more of a super clever charasmatic FOOKING headcase!


I dont care much for the SAW movies except for one but I think JIGSAW himself is a jackass, as WRITTEN by the writers. His "motivation" is that since HE is dying (not fast and miserable enough) he is making OTHER people pay for "not appreciating" their lives. BUT, just like the insurance company he hates for passing judgement and not helping him live, HE is passing judgement on other people. But he hates the insurance company so does he hate himself ? So if he killed the insurance guy cause of the insurance guys judgement on him, shouldnt he kill himself then since he is the same? Of course, thats part of the proof he is a fucking NUTBAG. . . . . . . two sandwiches short of a picnic. . . . . . . colors missing from his paint box. . . . . . . . fruits missing from his loops. . . . . . . cray-zee. . . . . . .

Just my opinion, doesnt mean he doesnt have at least ONE good MOTIVATOR PICTURE, the one I like. Cant remember which cause they are all the same fookin name and I dont care about them enough to remember.

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I like the movie condemned with Steve Austin. The man was out on a mission and the other stuff he went through to survive the game. The music was also motivational. I know it's not horror but then again having a bomb strapped to your ankle is not a picnic.

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His main motivation aswell is cuz that scum bag squished his wife with unborn baby loosing the kid, i like the saw films but mainly for the highly original crazy ass death scenes i think the story is good but i must admit saw/final destination are the type of films i watch whilst am messin around online & i just look up to watch the death scenes

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how about Selma Blair in waz aka w delta z she had more than enough motivation! Bad ass film & i love the fact Melissa George is in it aswell ... what a great lil scream queen she has become!

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Jack Crow in John Carpenters Vampires was pretty damn motivated in that movie, of course I could also say that the Valek character was just as much on a mission, for 600 years to find that cross!  Haha, I bring of this movie because I just watched it last night!  I will have to think of a better example though


SELMA BLAIR is a hottie,

lol. So is MELISSA GEORGE. I havent caught that flick klownz. Will have to give it a look.

Hmmm. . . . I remember the flick VAMPIRES but I dont specifically remember Jack Crows motivation other than he was an orphan saved by the Church.

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yea WAZ is more of a dark thriller type but can easily sit well in the horror genre, i think its called W delta Z for the USA release, i think it is overlooked ..... its not smashing down no new barriers but it is a film i brought just because selma & melissa are in & i have rewatched it quite a few times & its a film that has really grown on me with each viewing


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