Seems like werewolves dont get much film time anymore. Seems like GOTHIC monsters are no longer scaring fans of the silver screen. Werewolves now are used more in action/horror than as the thing that waits in the dark. Forget vamps who have been turned from being creepy undead to girly romance novel morons. Im waiting for a sitcom about vampire hairdressers with werewolf customers.

BUT. . . . the flavor of the century seems to be slashers, which for some who are fighters, isnt too big a whoop and as a result, I think ALIEN CREATURES are making a comeback and it will start up again with PROMETHEUS.

Im not so much an alien fan as I am a CREATURE fan. LOVE to see something pop up that just LOOKS nasty and creepy. What are some of your favs and what are you looking for in a creature ? I mean, humanoid, insectlike, dino like, just a big goop ala BLOB ? (yeah, GOOP is unimaginative but the movie THE BLOB rocked !)


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its a shame that werewolf films havent amounted to much recently the last great one we had was dog soldiers & the gingersnaps trilogy ..... i like the underworlds but they are just action fliks, am a big true blood fan so i will lay off the vamps & i FUCK!NG LOVE 30 DAYS!

I want to see a creature from the black remake but i want it to be reimagined as a genuine killer monster film with no CGI

they should remake the old 50's monster films aswell & make a nightbreed sequal

Australia are leading the way with creature features at the moment with black water & reef

i tell you what i do want to see & that is a bigfoot/yeti creature feature that is actually done well ..... as good as the jaw droppingly brilliant trollhuntertroll hunter.jpg

i disagree that slasher films are in, slashers ended in the 90's sadly ......... am a big BIG 80's slasher fan then scream rocked it alongside i know what you did & urban legend & campfire tales...... recently we have only had hatchet & laid to rest

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the only werewolf movies i liked were 


silver bullet

the howling


i haven't seen dog soldiers yet, and i'm not a fan of gingersnaps movies

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you will love dog soldiers, its got so much likeability ...... i think i have posted the full film on my profile... i carnt remember for sure though


I FUCKIN LOVE SILVER BULLIT ....... i think i still need to order a copy


Well, we had HATCHET 1 & 2, LAID TO REST, THE COLLECTOR, WRONG TURN 1,2,3,4, THE HILLS HAVE EYES 1 &2, COLD PREY 1,2,3. . . . those arent from the 80s (the remakes are new)

I like TRUE BLOOD also and seem to be the only peeps keeping the vampire genre alive although they butchered the werewolf one. In legend a werewolf is subservient to no one and nothing. (but the moon)

I DID like the recent attempt at bringing Cthulu to the screen with WHISPERER IN THE DARKNESS but being low budget, not heavy enough on the monster although a great little movie.

I would LOVE to see an updated creature and for them to remake some of their old ATOMIC AGE MONSTERS but Im sure they fear the stubborn who prefer the originals as if there is no room for a second version. No matter how cheesy and crappy the originals are, a lot of us love them but there is always the curmudgeon who would rather not see ANYTHING remade. They ARE doing a sequel to the old SHREWS campfest.


Love the Australian flicks and one of my fav movies is ROGUE but I dont consider crocs, gators or sharks CREATURES. Not saying they arent scary, they just arent CREATURES.

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i consider creature feature to be things like anaconda/jaws/rogue ETC. & i am in the minority when it comes to that because most people would call relic/thing/mimic creature fliks............. its a grey area for me

i carnt belive i forgot to give a shout out to my beloved cold prey trilogy! the greatest slasher franchise since friday 13th!

i dont consider hills have eyes/wrong turn or collector slasher though, another grey area ..... for me slasher must be one killer stalking & killing


Nah mate, those arent CREATURES they are ANIMALS, lol. Nobody wants to get eaten by an animal but we are talking movie monsters. Any movie can be a good movie but Im talking about that Im missing a good CREATURE FEATURE like in the old days. Not shit we see every day taking a bite outta someone.


As for slashers, fans argue all the time but its a Hollywood concoction and they are the ones that lump em. Im not arguing the genres and subgenres. Like species and subspecies and genus and sub genus, someone will put SLASHERS and then a whole shitload of SUB genres come in like solitary, inbreds, groups etc etc.

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Loooved the old school Wolfman movies.

The Howling (just the first one, Jesus). 

And lastly, Silver Bullet. 

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