Happy Easter.

Happy Easter.

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Happy Easter everyone!

I'm happy to be back-ish, and stuffing my face with a little bit of chocolate. 

Horror today, boys and girls. I'm quite excited! 

Also....someone tell me what the buzz is on 'the woman in black' was it good? 


Off to watch 'The Haunting in Connecticut".

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Easter Darko Bunny Day

Kinda like jello, there's ALWAYS room for chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't seen Woman in Black yet, but didn't hear very many good reviews. Haunting in Connecticut was decent though.

And backish is better than gone-ish!!!! Cool


Welcome back!

THE WOMAN IN BLACK was either liked or disliked with no in betweens. I dont care much for ghost stories but I enjoyed it. I liked the old time HAMMER STUDIOS gothic look, the whole atmosphere of the movie. Radcliffe was TOO WOODEN in the role. Never showing shock, fear or dismay to any normal persons level but at least he didnt remind you of a kid playing grown up. So its a hit or miss unless you truly like ghost stories then I would say def check it out. Hammer is going to try and bring back the old gothic horrors, I hope they do and succeed.


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Like my new dentures?

Yo Rainbowesque...Chester here...and HAPPY EASTER back at ya, Toots!

So; stuffing ya face with a little chocolate...that's cool. Chester here likes a little of the chocolatty once in awhile, too.  I've bitten off a Chocolate Bunny's head or two in my time...and still kept these Pearly whites in tact...SEE!!!!

Just don't over indulge in the stuff too often...or it'll be a Veggie-Diet for ya.  Ain't that right, Bubba?

Anyone got the number to The Biggest Loser?

"Pardon me...but does anyone got some Ranch Dressing for me to dip this crap in?  Chocolate Ranch flavored, perhaps?"

Like my new dentures?

Whoa...just say no there, Bubba.  RIOT!!  RIOT!!!

Take care everyone...see ya on the flip side!!!!

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happy easter everyone!!

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Evil Easter Bunny

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I saved him

Love them Chocolate Bunnies! Happy Easter!

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