stupid politicians

stupid politicians

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Saw on news today that in Mo and Il these dumb assed politicians are trying to regulate the use of tanning beds by teenagers.....may even ban them from using them.....

Come on you useless bunch of fucktards...arent there more pressing issues than wasting our tax dollars on this.

Isnt Illinois unemployment rate something near 10%???  I think Mo is near 8 to 8.5 not to mention budgets are near bankrupt.....and these bastards are worried about stupid shit like this.

I know the stuff about skin cancer and stuff like that but cant they put this shit on a back burner and worry about the important stuff?

Whats next passing a bill to regulate the amount of breaths a person takes an hour to conserve o2?

Hows about this government you smart guys figger all this impotant shit out or us the little people get to smack you with a leather strap right across the back?

Man these fucktards really piss me off

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Its not just that Mr.B. FOOK all these laws. Pretty soon no one can navigate through life without it being held in an iron fist. Just make people aware of the dangers and LET THEM CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES. WTF HAPPENED TO FREEDOM ? We laughed at the old Stallone sci fi movie where he wakes up in the future and its against the law to eat a fookin hamburger. . . . . ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

WAKE UP EVERYBODY ! Ever heard the word POLICE STATE? Anyone STUPID enough to believe its a good thing cause it has the word "police" in it ? Morons DESERVE to become slaves. Ever see the movie 1984 ? We have a mayor who wants to regulate how much salt you use, how much fat can be allowed in foods, how much sugar you can use.

"The only thing worse than a politician is a child molester". - Rip Torn = EXTREME PREJUDICE with Nick Nolte.



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well to be honest i don't know too much about politics but when the government is trying to control everything you do than you know its bad. someone please help me understand everything that is going on so i won't be pulled into lies

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YEA demolition man! i never thought of it before but that is same here in the UK ....... fooking you carnt drink this steak gives you bowl cancer blah blah fuckin blah ............ they forget to say life is short & pretty shit so just fucking enjoy the few things you can! And i bet they are only intrested in prolonging life to get more tax you carnt retire in the UK until you are 70 or some shit like that .......



I have some blogs about the things pols are trying to do. While many are in my town, the mayor here is part of an organization of mayors and influences EVERYONES state. I also have many vids on here about the politics in the U.S. I normally wouldnt put them on the FEAR but our media these days are turning into propaganda machines and some, like MSNBC have outright LIED on more than one occasion, and even though caught, just fart it off. I dont CARE what political party anyone is on. All that matters is that NEITHER can be trusted, politicians CANNOT be trusted. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is FREEDOM and the CONSTITUTION that guarantees that. All these politicians are trying to "override" the Constitution. They are GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, NOT rights a "politician" "gave" us.


You hit it right on the head mate. WHO THE FUCK wants to live a "long" life if there is NO JOY to it? If you have no freedom to move, TAXED TO THE MAX, cant eat what you want, cant drink what you want. Not just alcohol, these morons tried to ban sodas like Pepsi and Coke and now some fruit juices. They want to SUPER tax sugar so people wont eat as much. So ice cream, pastries, soft drinks, birthday cakes etc will all cost a fortune. They CLAIM its to "keep people healthy" but you notice, they wont BAN them, they just TAX them so THEY can make the money. Since WHEN does offenses against EVERY LAW, mean you have to pay money ? If thats the case, tell us how much it costs to waste a politician, someone might take them up on it and pay the tab. NOT SAYING ME, lol. IT ON THE HEAD

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In the immortal words of the great philosopher Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

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lol...good one EE!

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Last year sometime a fooking judge overturned a vote by the people banning gay marriage! I mentioned this @ work and was pissed off about it.....a couple of people were like I do not care what 2 consenting adults do in their person got pissed at me saying how dare you condemn gay marriage....I was like I do not care what gay people do let them get married and suffer like the rest of us!(lol)  I was like wake up a judge overturned the peoples vote!!!! That is what pisses me the fook off that dude should be disbarred for overturning a vote by the fooking people


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