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Hatchet II

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The very much anticipated sequel to my favorite horror film of all time did not fail to disappoint. Hatchet II picks up right where the last one leaves off and answered all of my unanswered questions after watching the first movie . In the opening scene of Hatchet II you see Marybeth in the swamp fighting Victor Crowley. Right where the first one ended.
Everything about the second film is so much more intense. The kills, the storyline, the emotion...everything. There is a fantastic back story of how Victor Crowley became physically deformed, and you find out why Victor killed Marybeths dad. This movie ties up loose ends in the first film and is done very well.
Let's talk about the kills for a minute shall we? Holy shit intense!! It is very rare for me to get so grossed out during a horror movie that I cringe and look away but there are almost triple the kills in this film than there were in the first, and they are MUCH more disgusting and gory. I have an all time new favorite kill in a horror film and it happens within the first 10 minutes of this film.
I love some of the clever references to other horror films in this movie. My favorite horror film other than the Hatchet franchise is Behind the Mask the Rise of Leslie Vernon, and there is a reference to Leslie Vernon in this film, and the Jason Vorhees reference is classic. I wanted to go to Reverend Zombies shop to buy my own Jack Chop. (comes with its very own FREE glow stick to make your pumpkin look boss.) Very clever Mr. Green. Very clever.
The acting in this movie is done very well too. The people I am going to focus on for this review though are Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris and Tony Todd. I was blown away by Kane's acting in this movie. You don't see him potray a lot of emotion in his films but in the scene where Thomas Crowley is crying and saying how the kids killed his son....oooh I just got chills down my spine. Kane is a fantastic actor and I hope he gets to show his talents more often now. Danielle Harris is probably my favorite horror movie actress. I loved her in this movie and thought as usual she acted brilliantly. Makes me wonder why Adam Green didn't cast her in the first one. She is amazing. I was really glad to see Tony Todd's character, Reverend Zombie get more camera time in this movie too. He is one of my favorite characters from the films and Tony was awesome in the movie.
If you liked the first Hatchet film, Hatchet II is a MUST see. It truly is a film for the fans of the Hatchet franchise. My only complaint about this movie is that at an hour and 26 minutes, it leaves you wanting more, and the fun ride that is this film goes by way too fast. See Hatchet II, you won't regret it! You'll like this movie better than chocolate ice cream and baby jesus!!!!!

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Loved HATCHET, was disappointed with HATCHET II and promptly forgot it. Some of the kills were silly and stretched the imagination. I know we are supposed to suspend reality but at LEAST trying to make them realistic would help. Also, having the protagonist beat lumberjack looking guys and get hit by them like it was nothing but then having the tiny (and awesome) Danielle Harris kicking the guys butt was just too silly.

He should just call a REDO for number II or forget about it and make a III like the FIRST one.



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i thought the first hatchet was far better, hatchet 2 didnt have the same genuine old school feel that made the first so great & the acting was poor except for Kane & Danielle (of course). You are dead right that danielle should have been cast in the first one despite the fact Tamara Feldman did a great job OR they should have brought Tamara back switching actors was a bit of a piss take & if he had cast anyone other than Danielle this film would have been a total flop since she was the main attraction.

As for the extra back story i thought it was all pretty pointless because it didnt really add anything constructive it was more like just a bit of padding to fill the film out & kill a bit of time between the action

all in all though the film was above average by most sequal standards & i agree the death scenes were loads of fun BUT there is nothing new or special to be seen with hatchet 2 so i hope the bar is raised for the 3rd & i hope they can get it feeling old skool again like the original ...... sadly i am putting my money on the 3rd being called "hatched 3D" a step in the complete wrong direction



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My verdict of this film, (which yes, I know putting the verdict of the film first is strange but I don't want to give people the wrong idea of what I thought about this movie,) was that it was a fun and enjoyable watch and would recommend it to 80's slasher fans. With that being said I really liked the first one a LOT better and would recommend that before this film. Reasons why are, and I'm probably going to be the only one who thinks this, (and trust me I love me some Danielle Harris,) but I thought her southern accent in this movie was terrible. I really thought Tamara Feldman's accent sounded more natural than Danielle's and wish they would have kept her and gave us a new face in horror, because I really think she could have been big. (By the way, watch the movie Alyce with Tamara Feldman for another good horror film, she's not the star, and actually in a way kind of the villain. It's just a mind f*ck and warning: IT IS IN NO WAY FOR CHILDREN WHATSOEVER!) Also, the same can be said for Perry Shen, not that he had an accent, but the character he portrayed in the first film was in my opinion funnier, (maybe not himself, but the way he set up jokes for people in the first film. And yes, I know some of those jokes were VERY flat.) I will also say the Hatchet II kills visually were better (better budgeted,) but the chemistry between the actors was practically non existant which is one of the things that stuck with you the most about the first film. They all seemed like they had a blast, and it translated to screen. I'm also with Klownz on the fact that the backstory kind of detracted from the first. It really wasn't needed and while the first one really pulled at the viewers heart strings about a man whose wife died living in the Louisiana swamps who loved his son and tried to protect him from the cruelty of the outside World is something most of us can relate to. And the fact that he was the cause of his sons demise really got you feeling bad for Mr Crowley. The whole cheating angle and voodoo curse seemed kind of forced, especially being that they had to make it fit in with the original backstory to a degree. Also, the end of the second film was all sorts of AWESOME, but you wander how all these skilled hunters with guns had died, and Danielle just kicks his ass all over the place. The first one seemed more foreboding when all they were trying to do was get out of the swamp alive.

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