being used by THE WALKING DEAD

being used by THE WALKING DEAD


Reading here on the FEAR how AMC suits have decided once again to cut THE ALREADY SHORT season 3 of THE WALKING DEAD into 2 segments as they did last year. My opinion is that these jackasses want people tuning in throughout the year. Do you notice that they dont split MAD MEN in half nor any of the other series? Probably cause the corksoakers dont want to alienate and drive away, by their obvious media usury, the mainstream audience. However, us horror heads are just second rate shitbags that are just kinda an "extra" audience that they may be able to get to watch their other shit. Maybe horror heads should start emailing AMC and tell them they dont appreciate it. On the FEARnet article, I wrote the stuff below. I hate being led around like Im too dumb to notice. . . . .

 "Robert Kirkman recently told TVLine. 'Getting eight-and-eight will almost be like doing two seasons a year, which is cool." Kirkman is a MORON. It does NOT feel/look/seem like they are doing "two seasons a year", it feels like the cheap, conniving bassREtards are stringing along the fans like salivating dogs. Heres where my loyalty to the show stops. I understand the "strategy" of trying to keep fans watching AMC but any normal person should hate this kind of manipulation. Unlike a dog, I dont need to balance a biscuit on my nose until I get the permission to eat it.

So, Im just venting out loud. What do you guys think.


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unfortunately I watched it three or four times at the beginning but just couldn't get into it there was enough there to keep me wanting to come back to it I guess it just wasn't my cup of tea. And now with this going on I'm glad I didn't get hooked on it.


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