Episode 1 Review *Spoiler Alert!!!!*

About Holliston

Two down and out aspiring filmmakers struggle with life, career, and the opposite sex as they attempt to make it out of the small New England town they are trapped in and into the big time.

Episode 1 Review *Spoiler Alert!!!!*

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)Holliston Episode 1 Review- The Hooker


In the first episode of Holliston Adam finds out his ex girlfriend Corri is back in town and he thinks it his chance to win her back. Well, he finds out she has a boyfriend who is a doctor, while he and his best friend Joe are struggling cable access commercial makers making crap money while trying to raise enough money to shoot their feature movie Shin Pads.


Adam is determined to make Corri think hes happy, even after dumping his girlfriend as soon as he finds out Corri's back in town, he still tells Corri that he has a girlfriend who does charity work with kids with "bad" cancer. But to Adam's dismay Corri wants to meet her and Joe volunteers them to double date.


So Adam is now determined to find a date to pose as his girlfriend. Not knowing what to do he talks to his imaginary friend Oderus (played by Oderus Urungus of Gwar) who tells him to hire a hooker.  And desperate enough Adam agrees. Then date night comes and Adam shows up with a hooker posing as Deeanna (the real Deeanna he dumped when he found out she hadn’t seen gremlins, and found out Corri was in town by telling her he was dying) who is one of the most strung out looking hookers I’ve ever seen. Well not that I’ve seen a lot of hookers but HEEEEYYYY!


As the date goes on Corri notices things aren't as they seem. (You'll have to see the episode to see what I mean.) Her boyfriend is on call and gets paged shortly after they start the date and Corri wants to treat Adam and his hooker to a movie. 2 more hours to pay for the hooker. Adam then panics and wants the night to just end.  He calls Joe to bail him out and Joe's cover story is that the cat is wicked depressed ROFLMAO. Then Adam finally has the balls to tell Corri why hes acting the way he is and pulls Corri outside to finally tell her what hes been wanting to tell her for years. It is a heart felt scene that tugs at your emotions in a tv show that also has exploding heads and peeling faces and grossness.


Meanwhile Joe is still inside the resturaunt drinking coffee by the pot procrastinating like a mofo so he doesn’t get stuck paying Adams bill (Joe is always asking his girlfriend for money and is poor as anything) and his face is hilarious and he gets wicked jitters.  Brilliantly acted by Joe Lynch. Hilarious.


This show is so well written and acted. If you haven't seen Holliston yet you are missing out!


Stay Tuned for a review on Episode 2- Camera Rental coming soon.


Favorite lines from Episode 1:

"You can reuse a condom if its with the same girl. Only 3 times though. 4 times would be gross."

"I can't date a girl if she's never seen gremlins."

"Tits are good. Balls are bad."

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i read your post trolling me a few weeks ago & wasnt going to respond BUT FUCK IT:

They have potential to become legends but arnt there yet & the fact they are in there 30's is the most irrelivent non point i have ever heard, FUCKING SHIT LOADS of horror directors have made great films in there 30's! or did you think to direct horror you need to be minimum age 40? LOL!!!!!

As for horror tv series & Adam being the first, have you ever watched a tv show called  nightmare cafe? if so surely you are fimiliar with a certain horror director called Wes Craven? ...... well YOU probaly dont but hes the guy who in his 30's directed last house on the left & the hills have eyes then he went on to make really big game changing films like a nightmare on elm street & a film YOU may know called scream? POINT BEING HES SHOW WAS BEFORE ADAMS

NOW..... as far as me being a troll! I am pretty sure there are a few people round here that would dissagree with you including admin for this site BUT since you are only here to troll on people wanting to discuss holliston you wouldnt know that

Hmmm i also have noticed you arnt in any other threads SO maybe you should think before running your lip at regulars here like myself who know shit loads about all aspects of the horror genre, who are more experienced so there for dont jizz there pants over Adam & his films (which i do like & own)

you asked about acomplishments? I asume you mean horror related? well i dont make films but i have helped organise & promote horror events for fans in the UK getting UK fans the oppurtunity to meet horror icons (who dont usually come to the UK) SO JUST OUT OF INTREST WHAT HAVE YOU CONTRIBUTED OTHER THAN A FEW COMMENTS ON HORROR SITES? i suspect not alot will be you answer unless as am gussing you may work for the holliston show OR might be Adam Greens window cleaner or some shit like that?

@COUNTVLADWOLFENSTEIN: yea mate admittidly i worded my first comment poorly but as you picked up on i was trying to make a ligitimate point as were you .......... shame fan boys get so defensive! cya round fear mate!


Well. . . . . on THIS site, when a discussion is started/entered. . . the community GIVES THEIR OPINION. That means that you hear BOTH sides of opinions. The positive AND the negative. Thats how conversations usually work among diverse people. Doesnt make someone right, doesnt make someone wrong. NOT EVERYONE likes . . . . the same flavor ice cream, the same alcoholic beverage, the same paintings, the same politics, the same ANYTHING. If you dont want a negative comment, you probably just shouldnt engage in conversation. In a police state, no one can express an opinion differring from the top dog, that isnt the case here. So as enamoured as anyone here may be over these guys and their movies, they ARENT perfect and so someone is going to have an issue with opinions that DO make them "perfect". Coke or Pepsi. It is what it is. I understand umbrage if someone PERSONALLY attacks THE PERSON GIVING THE OPINION but actors/directors/movies like anything PRESENTED TO THE PUBLIC FOR MONEY, is fair game to criticism as well as approval. Just sayin'. Play the game right or just go home.


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Wes Craven's Nightmare cafe was not a sitcom and Wes Craven did not star in it.  Aside from The Munsters, there has never been a horror sitcom like Holliston and no other horror filmmaker (that I can think of) has ever carried a sitcom as a lead actor before.  I don't see FEARnet statng anywhere that Holliston is the first ever horror TV show- just that it's the first ever horror sitcom.  The fact that it looks like 2 and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother but is starring a horror director, non-stop horror cameos, and all of the horror story lines and references definitely makes it a first of it's kind.

This is also the only show I watch and discuss on FEARnet because it's the only show they have so far.  Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is a Canadian show that runs on FEARnet long after it runs in Canada, but it is not a FEARnet show. I should add that it is starting to grow on me though.  Now that Holliston is a success and has been greenlit for a second season, hopefully FEARnet makes more orginal shows to go with it.  It would be great to have a new X-Files type show or even an updated Outer Limits type show so that they could have a comedy night and then a serious night, too.  I've got high hopes for this channel.

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i know wes didnt star but he directed (the point of my comment) .......... i was just pointing out that adam isnt the first horror director with his own show as that retard stated & i still want shankfuckras answer to what the fuck they have contributed to the horror scene? & they best have directed some incredible shit since the fuck head tried to pull me up

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What's funny is that when I first saw Holliston I barely even knew how much Adam Green had done but looking at IMDB, Wikipedia, and Green's website (where I got all of the info I'm about to write), Adam Green has made the following horror movies: Hatchet, Hatchet 2, Hatchet 3 (now filming), Spiral, Grace, Frozen, Chillerama, and now Holliston a horror sitcom and the first orignal TV series for FEARnet.  IMDB lists two projects in development, one called Killer Pizza which is a children's horror movie that MGM Studios and Chris Columbus (Harry Potter, Gremlins, Goonies) is producing and the other is a documentary on monsters called Digging Up the Marrow (not much info available on that yet and I don't know if I have any desire to watch a documentary about something fake like monsters).  He's also directed about 15 or 20 horror short films ithat are listed there including an annual Halloween short film that he has made for the web every year for the past 13 years, some of which (like Jack Chop and Saber) have received over 1 million hits a piece on Youtube alone. In 2008 Microsoft hired him to make a show for XBOX called Fairy Tale Police Officers as part of their Horror meets Comedy series that James Gunn produced.  He's also a published author and wrote the introduction to Kane Hodder's autobiography.   IMO that is a pretty solid contribution to the horror genre and the guy is still young and just getting started.   He has also been interviewed in 6 documentaries about the genre. IMDB's trivia page says that Green is also part of the SplatPack - a group of filmmakers credited by UK critic Alan Jones as being the trend setters for modern horror which includes Rob Zombie, Neil Marshal, james Wan, Eli Roth, and Darren Bousman.   As far as Eli Roth goes he's directed Cabin fever, Hostel, and Hostel 2. He also did a trailer for grindhouse and he has acted in some Tarantino movies.  He's been in a ton of documentaries about horror, too.  He hasn't done as much as Adam Green, but his movies are very, very popular and he is very charasmatic and is seen in a lot of TV specials and interviews so people know him well. I am a fan of his.  Forgive me if any of my facts are wrong- I got themn all from IMDB and Wikipedia.

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(SIGH) Can't we all just get along? - Rodney King

Decent post Shankma but you're actually missing a ton of stuff that Adam Green has done and I wouldn't trust IMDB or Wikipedia for accurate info as anyone can post information on those sites.  

Also, why bother?  If someone wants to say that Adam Green hasn't accomplished enough to have his own sitcom, what do you care? The fact of the matter is, he does have his own sitcom, it's great, and it's successful because they are doing a second season.  

Have you tried posting on the Holliston Facebook page?  There's close to 3,000 fans on there and the discussions are awesome and everyone is really nice, plus the actual cast does live chats with everyone when the episodes airs on Tuesday nights (I took part in last week's and got personal responses from Laura, Corri, and the guy from GWAR who was hilarious) and they have moderators to answer questions.  The live chats get a bit crazy though and there was like 400 posts last week and the cast can't answer everyone but it's fun!  This Tuesday they're supposed to have the entire cast on there for the season finale, so rather than have to argue with people I suggest moving over there.  It's a terrific site and I've already met and made new friends with a bunch of really great people.  For those saying "this site is for all opinions" they are totally right and if they want to dis a show they haven't watched yet, just let them and don't let it get to you. This isn't a fan-site despite it being labeled as the official forum for the show.  The Facebook page is really the official forum because the people who make the show use it. 

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i dont need you to research & copy paste info at me UNLIKE you i have been following him for ages

MY problem with you is your shit attitude so i repeat WHAT HAVE YOU ACOMPLISHED IN THE HORROR SCENE? you pulled me up with your shit attitude & i answered now its your turn to share:

its sad that everyone who has joined the fear community has gone out there way to troll on us regulars! fearnet is the most friendly group going & there hasnt been any assholes here for a while now

why dont you newbiees who joined get involved in other threads & see what this community is all about? i can guarantee you will be treated with respect & if you need anything like help setting up your profiles or anything like that my door is open as it always is to new members



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