Just wanted to give the East Coast peeps a heads up, and anyone else in the U.S. that gets it. There is a FREE station on antennae that plays OLD CLASSICS in general but TODAY they are devoting the whole day to old horror flicks. They just played FROGS with Ray Milan and now they are playing TWICE TOLD TALES an old anthology flick with Vincent Price among others.

The station is called THIS  or THIS t.v. You can google them online. Their channel in my area is 11.3 but if you go on their web site you can check for your area. THIS IS NOT CABLE but free t.v. and its a great channel.


HOLD ON, lol.

Just checked. . . . . they lied. Even though they CLAIMED in advertising they were showing horror all day, its just till 6pm Eastern time. TALES FROM THE CRYPT is next and then an ADDAMS FAMILY I & 2. Sorry, just trying to share.

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cool blog I forgot about this !! They do it every once in a while!!!

in my area the channel is 19.2 part of the CW!!!! fridays are usually old classics!!!

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ive been watchin all day.. =]

and evey now and then on sundays i belive if your up around two am they play  the outer limits.

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