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Even though it premiered a year ago at SXSW, DETENTION is finally out in theaters! Blood, slasher killer and teenagers? Solid. Who else has seen it?

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its getting  pretty mixed reviews from what i have been reading but i will watch it eventually, out of intrest are you being paid to promote the film? I just noticed your IMDB profile & you are talking about this film EVERYWHERE!

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to be honest i wasen't instreded until i just seen the video i just assumed it was just another highschool slasher movie but it looks good. i will see it.gif

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there is a few films with this title so not sure which film u ment?? ,the only detention film that ive seen that was acually preety gud was this one...Detention-movie.jpg

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Haha dude I feel like this one's gonna get left off the radar since it's such a small time film. I loved that it was so out there and ridiculous plus the opening scene (won't spoil) totally set the tone for me.

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