Men Apprehended For Stealing Gas

Men Apprehended For Stealing Gas

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According to police, two men have been arrested for allegedly siphoning gasoline out of automobiles in the Spokane Valley area. Artem Kuznetsov and Samuel Aldrich, were observed siphoning the fuel out of cars in the vicinity of North Shamrock by a witness, who reported it to police. Reportedly, when the officer arrived, he confronted the two men, who got into a white truck and fled the scene in reverse. Allegedly, when the driver tried to back into a nearby driveway, he ran into a concrete barrier. The officer was able to block the exit using his patrol car and finding no escape, the pickup driver tried to force the cruiser are out of his way. Failing to move the patrol car, the driver allegedly, tried to flee on foot but was quickly apprehended by an officer who had arrived to assist. 


Police, reportedly, ran the the pick-up trucks serial number and discovered that a stolen vehicle report had been filed on it. Kuznetsov, 20, and Aldrich, 29, were arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail. Kuznetsov, was charged with 3rd Degree Theft and Aldrich, was charged with Possession of Stolen Property, and Felony Eluding. 


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