Everyone has a movie they like that they cant understand why others dont like and VICE VERSA. Sometimes you can figure out why when its because the movie targets, for example, girl/tweens like TWILIGHT (although grown up moms seem to love this shit. . . . and the young boys. Just sayin'.)

Others are a little more mystifying. The movie that puzzles me is the shitty, boring, SO DERIVATIVE. . . . . . . . . PARANORMAL CRAPTIVITY. I CANNOT fathom, along with 7 friends, wtf anyone found scary from this crap. Now Craptivity was a success financially and YES, I KNOW its the hype, but still people claim to like it. (drinking the kool-aid of being CONVINCED they will like it?)

Another is one that flopped on the screen but every horror head, here included praises to high heaven, the Peter Jackson horror DEAD ALIVE. I cant even get into it and watch it for more than a few minutes. I think the most time I spent on it is 15-20, lol.

What movie success puzzles you ?

NO, Im NOT looking to be "convinced" these two movies are "great", whats YOUR choice ?


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resurrection mary.jpgi can't understand the popularity of the paranormal movies, i do think those movies are shit but it dosen't suprise me considering the budget for the movie was about $11,000 only.

shun of the dead, it was evident right off it was going to be a comedy horror but it did have some good zombie parts. i don't understand the popularity of that movie.

blairwitch, i got up and walked out less then ten minutes in to it. part two, just total garbage!

in "05" they were making a movie called resurrection mary, they did most of the filming in the area where i live so i couldn't wait for this to come out. again total disappointment. They took one of Chicagos biggest southside urban ledgends and just trashed it. worst performances i have ever seen. Absolutely terrible, the only good thing about the movie was the local history where they did the filming. willowbrook is a place i have most of my business dinner at purely for the history of it.

zombie honeymoon, for the life of me i will never get why anyone would like this terrible waste of time no-entertaining garbage movie. absolutely no talent performances but yet it's horror so for that reason it sits on my shelf, lol.


BTW, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS has won more Academy Awards than most movies, not to mention other horror flicks.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
Best Picture
Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins
Best Actress: Jodie Foster
Best Director: Jonathan Demme
Best Adapted Screenplay: Ted Tally
Also nominated for Best Editing (Craig McKay) and Best Sound (Tom Fleischman and Christopher Newman).

Just sayin' . . . .

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most movie successes puzzle me. i personally stay away from any movie with the words "paranormal" or "the haunting of" in them because they are guaranteed to be crap.

shaun of the dead- hated it, not funny and as a huge zombie fan, i felt more insulted by the movie.

blair witch- i loved the marketing, it was brilliant but the movie just sucked, however i did like the sequal.

the dark knight- off genre but terrible movie, as a batman fan, that IS NOT batman, the joker was NOT the joker, they just took someone elses characters and made up their own back story. i dont want to see a "realistic" version of batman, i want to see batman for what it was ment to be. besides, nothing realistic about it. batman falls from 30 stories onto a car and walks away, harvey dent falls 2 stories and dies, BULLSH*T. sorry, i just HATE this movie.

a nightmare on elm st remake- not sure if this is worse than the friday the 13th remake but both got great reviews and they were both junk. freddy as a pedophile instead of the springwood slasher just ruins the whole thing. i understand that was the original concept for the first one but wes craven changed it because he could see it wouldnt have worked.

halloween remake- it boggles me how many people love this movie. nothing about it says michael myers. rob zombie had his own franchise going with house of 1000 corpses and he goes and steals someone elses. i know he botched the whole thing up with the devils rejects, but he could have tryed to make it work with a third. others call him a horror movie genious, i call him a horror movie butcher.

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yea you know what i agree with that shaun of the dead was insulting to the zombie sub genre & i think thats why it pisses me of so much!

i will pretend i didnt hear you bad mouth Rob zombies halloween though lol!Smile ..... It does have Carpenters full blessing though & Rob did seek said blessing before doing itpresident.jpg

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A twilight series fan is not a horror fan.. Its not horror not even in the least sense of what horror fans consider horror. If the vamplire werewolf love triangle people are on fearnet for that there crazy they need to be looking more toward soaps or reality tv.

Paranormal activity in my opinion was a pos! not original screams fake form the begining but how many people fell for the blair witch project. I guess its all a matter of if your a fan or not. Im a horror fan an i agree those are the top two worst succesful in horror history. Also i know that any success in horror is a good for all horror fans regardless of taste.

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without doubt woman in black , i mean dint they bring this out on the school holidays so i can understand its huge box office smash with all the kids drooling to see harry potter, but come on a haunted house with things goin on,, weve seen this crap a thousand times before and it was not scary creepy at all!!!!!booo!!!!

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FAst and furious.......

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for me, I have never liked the Scream franchise at all, I know allot of folks love it because it was self aware of slasher archetypes and all of that, but i felt like it was trying to be too smart, and this is the first one im talking about, because ive never brought my self around to veiwing anymore of the series... but i felt like it was made for casual fans who got tired of the slasher flick.....me, I LOVE old school SlASHERS and never got tire of them, and yes, I know the formula has been done, and done, and done again.....but I still love the genre, no matter if its rehashed give me a new evil character, a new group of beautiful people fodder, a new creeepy theme song, a variety of implemental impalements and I will be in the audience!  I dont need self aware slashers to sell me on a new twist!  Im not trying to offend SCREAM fans, just for me I never understood its success!

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I got to say The Saw series.  It started weak, and ended weak.I did not ca for the idea, acting, direction, etc.  The Jigsaw character was a piss poor concept, and I felt that the series licked hobo's D**K cheese.  How after the just god-awful performaces of both Danny Glover, and Carey Elwes that Hollywood thought that this would be the next big franchise.


Yeah, Danny Glover WAS terrible in that. Also there was TOO much suspension of belief silliness. They could have shotgunned the drills, broken the bits, ripped the power cables out of the walls. SHOT Jigsaw when he started running instead of chasing him. ( He WAS a known murderer and serial killer so I think they were justified.) Known for his traps and you STILL are going to chase after him in his lair ? Too silly.


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