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If they went it alone? i would back Daryl to be the guy to do best because he can live of the land & handle or avoid other agressive survivers Glen could do well because he is sneaky cleaver & intelligent but if he came across other survivers who are agressive he would get his ass handed to him

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In order of survivability . . .






Andrea would be the weakest on her own as she seems to be on a learning curve right now. She went from clueless tag along to suicidal to angry to angry/careless to getting capable.

Glen has a kind of natural savvy like small animals being sneaky around predators. He isnt strong and physically tough but tough on the inside and clever and brave. His weakness would be around predatory survivors but he might be able to avoid those too.

Rick is being underestimated by most in the series AND by fans. He showed he is excellent with weapons, tactics and does ALL that he needs to do, including cutting the leg of that dude stuck on a spike. He just needs to adopt a wartime mentality which he just did. You CANT have a democracy in an emergency situation. Someone has to lead. Thats not dictatorship, thats survival.

As you said, Daryl is like Rick but deeper into hunting, camping, tracking, survival. BUT he does NOT have Ricks tactical skills nor Glens knack for clever manuvers to go AROUND a situation. These few peeps would be who I would choose as a fire team.










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i think despite daryl being maybe the least intelligent of the bunch his ability to just dissapear into the wilderness & avoid people would be key

shane could do well but his irrasional disisions would be his down fall & thats why the is dead! daryls bro (i have forgot his name) but he is a mean ass survivor

am intrested with michonne but i havent read the books so i dont know much about her but the fact she has the zombie cover deterrent to pass by walkers is highly original & crazy way to stay unseen

some of the gang would be shit out of luck and thats the only reason i respect the good ol sheriff because he is trying to protect the needy & i agree he would be a survivor since he is trained & can handle fuckers like in the barMichonne


Well, Ricks decisions are not irrational per se but tempered with emotion and consideration. But lets face it. If ONE OF US, you, me, someone here, were missing. . . . . we would feel some relief in thinking that RICK would be out there trying to find and help us.

Although that characteristic looks like is going to change some as he, like a military tactician, is now more intent on protecting the GROUP as opposed to the individual.

I dont think Daryl is not intelligent. I think he is. Just not a scientist, lol. Seems DALE was the best mechanic which he tried to conveniently pass on to Glen.

Michonne, to my understanding, is actually the ultimate survivor. (that is what they paint her in the comic from my understanding of speaking to others) She seems to have found her calling/niche/ability in a zombie world. She will be the badass of the group.

I wont read the book now as it will contain too many possible spoilers although with AMC playing games with dividing the series etc. I might just say fuck em and read it. Even different, its similar enough and FUCK AMC.

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i actually went to other groups looking for spoilers & boy if they stick with the books the next season might be very shocking & pretty brutal/harrowing

i do fear that with the prison scenario we will see even less zombies than last season, not necessarly a bad thing so long as the storyline is tight & the acting is top of its game

i think T-dog would survive the longest ............. yes i have changed my mind! ....... i dont think zombies or nasty survivours would attack a inanimate object




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Rick, Glenn and Daryl would survive the longest, with Daryl outlasting all of them. Daryl may not be book smart, but he's street smart and wilderness smart-- he understands people enough to know when they are lying and when they are a threat, and he knows how to survive on his own in the woods. Rick's compassion and/or indecisions/doubts about his leadership could very well place him in the wrong place at the wrong time, without a tank to hide in. (heh) But, yes, people do underestimate Rick's ability to survive tremendous hardships and come out alive. 


Andrea has been written inconsistently and it's hard to say how she would react on any given day, since they keep changing her mind/attitude from episode to episode. She's made too many stupid mistakes and I doubt that she'd last very long. If they write Michonne for the TV show like she is in the comic, she won't tolerate Andrea's stupidity. I think that Andrea might meet a sudden, violent end if she doesn't cut out her crap. 


I think another person that might last a while if he went it alone would be Hershel. He might be old, but he obviously has had training of some sort and had to be in the military when he was a young man. He can handle a gun and knows how to treat wounds- a skill that the others seem to sorely lack any proficiency in. He seems like a wily old war horse that knows his way around the battlefield, and has proven that he won't back down from a fight unless he's dragged away from it. Also, he has that awesome ability to never run out of ammo while firing at the undead. Maybe he can teach that to Daryl? Laughing



LOL. I DID notice Herschel doing whats called combat reloads. He was shown once feeding ammo into the well underneath the gun while still having the shotgun pointed at the enemy so, yes, he does know how to fight. I get the feeling he was a medic in 'Nam that saw some action and I will poop if it turns out he was a Green Beret Medic.

Daryls Crossbow is the weapon that does NOT reload easily and has limited range. Its only forte is that it is QUIET (NOT silent) enough not to attract a horde. I also dont think Daryl has tactics which ARE taught to law enforcement for engaging enemies on the field and particularly in buildings. Daryl might be excellent against walkers but if the time comes to engage HUMAN predatory survivors, the better person will be Rick.

Andrea isnt competent YET but it looks like the writers are driving her character that way.

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i have to agree Rick is the person who is best to deal with bad guys like i would on a personal level look to shane for that

am in a country with no guns but on a thread ages ago i said dont think i need them stealth would get me through & big hairy bollox


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Glenn is faster on his feet and more of a thinker than Daryl. In fact concerning Daryl or Glenn, I'm still not sure why one of them isn't leading the group? The others, including Rick for the most part, are fairly useless. They should be taking orders not giving them.




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I like Sarges list except  I would put Rick under DD.....Andrea like Sarge said is on her learning curve

but it


                doesnt matter





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