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If they went it alone? i would back Daryl to be the guy to do best because he can live of the land & handle or avoid other agressive survivers Glen could do well because he is sneaky cleaver & intelligent but if he came across other survivers who are agressive he would get his ass handed to him

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I have a feeling that like in so many sci fi movies, the baby will be born with his blood being the CURE for the zombie virus and he will be born normal and the savior. Doesnt mean the zebs can be cured, just maybe a cure for the BITE and an antidote for the infected. I dont think it will be a zombie baby. Cause that would remove all hope for the future and doom the drive to survive on the show. Course. . . . . . being BORN with the zeb virus might make him just a wee tad. . . . . . strange.





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I am with ya on the zed virus cure/antidote.......saw that coming a hundreds miles off(Season 5)

I am prolly gonna give this 5 seasons at most....cuz those of us die hard fans will tire of AMC bullshit next thing they will split it on to 3 segments 6 epis each.......

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The next season will be interestingto see how Michonne will interact with and how the other charaters will react to her.

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Agree with Mr. B-Unless the show significally chnges in the next few seasons the WD fans will grow tier of the show. By the end of the season I got bored of seeing the same setting, plot, stupidity, the only thing that kept my interest is the intresting charaters and awesome acting

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I think next season will be great with the intoducing of some new blood....but this season will make it or break it with me I am tired of AMCs bullshite!


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