Reasons why I love this TV show:

About Holliston

Two down and out aspiring filmmakers struggle with life, career, and the opposite sex as they attempt to make it out of the small New England town they are trapped in and into the big time.

Reasons why I love this TV show:

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Feel free to add your own reasons to my thread!

1. It takes place in my hometown of Holliston, Massachusetts.  It is so cool to see locations around town and to see the cast at places like Casey's Crossing and The Holliston Grill!

2. The girls!  Corri and Laura are both beautiful and funny.  I met the whole cast (the whole main cast- Adam, Joe, Corri, and Laura) when they showed two episodes at Holliston Town Hall and none of them could have possibly been nicer or more down to earth.  Adam Green is from here, but Joe, Corri, and Laura treated everyone as if it was their hometown too and the general consensus from the audience is that they are now honorary Hollistonians LOL!  IMO the girls totally make the show and everything that comes out of Laura's mouth makes me laugh.  I have huge crushes on both of them (in the non-creepy stalker way) and only hope that they all come back to Holliston again so that I can get pictures with them.  I was too shy to ask when they were here in March.  It was hard to get near Adam because he was mobbed but once I did he gave my friends and I his undivided attention and talked to us for a few minutes.  He's totally normal.

3. The horror references!  Too many to count but when I first heard them mention that Adam's hamster is named Horace Pinker I almost died laughing.  Horace Pinker (for those who don't know) is the killer in the 1980's horror movie Shocker.  I love that when they spoof special effects they totally get it right.  When Adam tears his face off in the Hooker episode it looks just as cheesy as it did in Poltergeist.  There's never anything scary on the show but there's still a ton of horror stuff in each episode.

4. It's actually funny!  I watch some sitcoms but I don't ever really laugh out loud like I do with this one.  Sometimes I can't even breathe I'm laughing so hard.  Like the Market Basket conversation between Corri and Laura or when Candyman wouldn't move out of the apartment or everytime Adam says "whaaaaaaat?"  When I rewatch episodes I always find a joke I missed because I laughed through it the first time.  The gum scene was so gross and the whole bathtub thing was hilariously disgusting, too.  Favorite moment so far: Adam and Laura's fist fight for the camera!  I could watch that on a loop!

5. It's sad- but in a good way.  Every now and then there is stuff that happens on this show that gets me kind of upset, but I actually like that.  The whole situation between Adam and Corri is really messed up and I feel bad for both of them, but probably more so Adam.  I also know the feeling when it comes to wanting to make something more of yourself and always failing.  Right now I am only in High School but I want to be a radio DJ like Howard Stern someday and my guidance counselor is such an a-hole.  I'm going to be applying to colleges next year at this time and everyone keeps telling me to go to school for something like computer science or web design because that way I'll get a job.  It's encouraging to know that Adam Green went to this same high school and heard all of the same things and now he's a movie director and a TV star in Hollywood.  I often use that as my example but teachers and other people say "Adam Green is a one in a million scenario".  So why can't there be 2 in a million?  Anyway on one hand the show bums me out sometimes as it hits close to home and I feel horrible for the characters, but on the other hand it gives me hope because I know this show is based in realty and I know that it worked out for Adam Green.  I've never choked up watching Two And A Half Men or The New Girl before, but Holliston has gotten me pretty emotional twice so far.  

6. GWAR in the closet!  He is hilarious and I LMAO whenever he dumps on Adam!  Worst imagnary friend ever!

7. Dee Snyder from Twisted SIster as the boss!  His outifts make me cringe and laugh and I love how his office door magically opens and closes behind him as if he has heavy metal superpowers.

8. Axl the fake cat!  Every time they show Adam's cat I laugh out loud.  I wish he was in the show more though.

9. Kevin the doctor!  "I want my pancakes!" LMFAO!!!  At first I thought he was the worst actor of all time but then I figured out that he was acting that way on purpose.  Corri broke up with him in last week's episode which sucks, but hopefully he comes back again cause he's awesome.

10. The man cast of characters are people I wish I knew in real life.  Sounds pathetic but sometimes I wish I could live on this show and be friends with them.  They're all really funny and really nice, good people and I would totally want to be in their group of friends if I could be and if they lived in Holliston in real life.  When Adam stood up to Candyman and the gang threw him out of the apartment for talking crap about Corri I actually applauded.  In my real life I don't think any of my friends would do the same thing for me.  But I love their friendships and I especially love Joe and Laura as a couple and the way they support each other's dreams.  Now if only Corri would get her head out of the clouds and get back together with Adam, but I guess the show wouldn't be the show if that happened.  Meeting all four of them in real life you can tell that it's not an act on the show and they really are best friends and that they love each other in real life.  It's probably the thing I like about this show the most and the reason I'm so addicted to it.  I hate that it's going to be such a long wait (a year???) before the next season.  It kind of gives me anxiety.

11. The opening credits song.  Wish I could buy it somewhere!  It kicks ass!!!!

So, what about you?  Why do YOU like Holliston??

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You Must be New Here

I have not had a chance to watch this show yet, but I plan to. The reasons that you like the show sound like a good endorsement. It is always fun to watch Something set in your Hometown. Ionly have Happy Days & Laverne & Shirley!

A lot of lively discussions are on this site based on the likes & dislikes of the members so please don't be offened by anyone's point of view. Take them with a grain of salt.

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some people aren't happy unless they are trying to drag others down. Especially over the internet. I'm just going to ignore it from here on out. Too much real life drama to add internet drama to the mix. So let's just ignore the haters, and talk about how awesome Holliston is. Speaking of which I can't wait for Hatchet III!!!

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hopefully hatchet 3 will be more like the original & take it back to that old school 80's vibe that Adam nailed so well with the first, if it wasnt for the lovely Danielle part 2 would have been a flop in my eyeshatchet.jpg

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just out of curiosity who is draging people down?

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just making general statements. anywho I understand where you're coming from with Hatchet II. I enjoyed the movie a great deal but the characters weren't as likeable for me. Though it was cool for me to see Kane Hodder cry on film. The movie just captured what a great actor he truly is.

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that is something i loved aswell & Adam was great for giving him the chance to act diffrent to his usual stuff, i really loved the preformance & love the fact Adam has shown that level of respect & trust in him! Thats why I AGREE adam is someone to really watch BUT i stand by what i said that he isnt there yet but he sure as shit is on his way & making big waves in horror

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I just hope when he becomes the next HUGE director in the genre that he never loses his humble down to earth personality. I don't think he will because he's just an awesome guy. 

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It's very creative! Fun stories, music, animation and a great tribute to the horror genre. Super fun spots from great actors and actresses from the history of horror.

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I totally cold watched season 1 just before season 2 started.  I was bored one night and flipped to Fear Net On Demand and had never heard of it and had no idea what I was getting into......holy shit am I glad I did.  This show is absolut gold! Especially for a horror movie fan.  Joe and Adam are totally one of us and that's what makes the show work.  


Please please please bring on a season 3.  


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