pet peeves with horror fans!

pet peeves with horror fans!

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first off i want to say this thread is aimed at no one on fearnet!

my question is what are your pet peeves with like minded horrorheads?

for example: i hate it when people bang on about Lucio Fulci like they are related to him but have only seen the beyond or zombi2

& i get annoyed with people refering to Asian cinema titles who always say for example ringu/ju-on .... them 2 examples dont annoy me BUT when people say rinne or gin gwai ETC it does because i am english & would rather say the english title for the film! i think people who do this bad habbit are trying to impress BUT it doesnt impress me!

also i dont like people talking about a insainly abstract horror films in the mannor that suggests everyone should know what they are on about ......... it would be for example like if i started banging on about "a teenage hooker became a killing machine" then acting suprised no one has seen it

i also dislike the Argento army who seen suspiria/inferno then bang on about being Argento fans (like with Lucio) then havent seen his other works

am not bitching at all, just wondering if anyone else has peeves like this?Dario Argento

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yea the remake thing annoys me a lil bit, i dont see the logic with instantly hating a remake just because its a remake i find it very closed minded & a remake will never change the fact the original is amazing (if you liked the original) my only hang up with remakes is Americanisations of foreign films i find that pretty much insulting & i carnt name a americanised film that has come close to the original other than ring & the grudge & maybe quarintine since it was pretty much a shot for shot rip off .......... all just personal taste though

as for lucio & dario there are shit loads of horror fans who feel exactly the same way as you do

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Hey Klownz, yeah, that's exactly what I've said about remakes. I think we are in the minority though. Yeah, I also agree on the Americanized verions of stuff and I also hate shot for shot remakes (Psycho being a perfect example. Take care bro.


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I'm one of the few lads that like remakes as well

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Yes, I completely agree with the remake thing as well. One of my biggest pet peeves with horror fans is when they bash a horror movie before they've seen it. This is especially true of remakes. Are most remakes bad? Yes. Are they all completely worthless? No. Some remakes are even BETTER than their originals. Take a look at The Thing, The Blob, and The Fly. Some modern remakes like Sorority Row and Texas Chainsaw Massacre have also been fun and if anything it introduces the original to an entirely new audience.

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wack a few of yer gifs out as well mate been missing them !!!!nice to see you around , even if so breifly!!

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Dance of the deadHey Carp! How ya been? Here's a few new ones.

Dead snow

Masters of HorrorLast house on the left

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yes mate ,thats what i am talking about,, am all good mate,, looking fward to prometheus this coming JUNE , u there or what mate !!!???

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My only pet peeve was already brought up. Taking shit way too personal. Clearly, it's not meant to be an attack on you if I happen to dislike a movie you do, it's all opinion, everyone has their own tastes of what they like and don't. 

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i did a thread a while back about opinions  because another group i go to you get attacked if you dont put "IMO" after every statment you make ......... something that never happens on fearnet since i think we are a more laid back group & its just common sense that if someone says something they arnt speaking on behalf of everyone else in the world! the "IMO" THING DRIVES ME NUTS!

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Yeah 'Imo' is bs, clearly all of it is your opinion. And a personal attack is easier to read if it were directed on purpose. We're not like that here, thankfully. :) 


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