A lot of us are wailing and complaining, and often rightfully so that the biggest problem in modern times, is Hollywoods REMAKE mill. I disagree wholeheartedly.

The problem with horror in modern times is twofold. ONE, is Hollywoods desire to make suckers out of ALL OF US. That is for THEM to make millions of dollars by TRICKING us into watching a $3.00 horror movie. That is, for them to make the cheapest possible, low budget piece of shit and convince US to spend big bucks at the theater for basically a nothing movie. The leaders of the pack are the chickenshit "CHICKEN LITTLE" movies. That is movies that have MINIMUM efx and cost, the monster/slasher/creature is NEVER seen except MAYBE barely out of clear sight in the darkness and that have actors screaming and emoting and acting their little desperate to be a star hearts out. But basically the movie IS NOTHING and has no production values worth a shit and at MOST if the viewer is lucky, it will have decent writing and a script. IGNORING the fact that you could duplicate the movie exactly in a dark garage/park/cemetary/hospital with the neighborhood kids. For THAT they want me locally to spend $17 in admission money.

TWO, is the flooding by wanna be filmmakers, of low budget, poorly written, amateur night "movies". I understand and am all for a struggling filmmaker. BUT, at $17 a pop. Kiss my ass and call me sweetie. It does NOT interest me. I DONT WANT TO SEE SOMEONES HOMEWORK and pay money for it. Become famous the hard way like everyone else. The REASON I see this as a problem is that MANY films in the old days, while b, had a certain production value and had merit and on some level were enjoyable. The current SHAKEY CAMERA/FOUND VIDEO nonsense along with amateur actors and childish writing and video, ARE SMOTHERING the horror genre. As a result, NON HORROR FANS pick up something "interesting" to watch in horror and are completely turned off to horror and laughing at the feeble attempts at "chills". It seems that for every good horror there are 30 straight to video that are LAUGHABLE ! As a result, NON HORROR viewers GET TURNED OFF TO HORROR MOVIES BECAUSE OF THE SHIT THEY KEEP FINDING !

Again, I am all for struggling directors/actors/filmmakers. BUT. . . . . . NOT everyone who wants to BE one actually has the talent or ability. Im not interested, as are NON horror heads in spending money on 30 shit movies to find that the 31 was good.

So THATS the two things I THINK are damaging the genre, limiting the viewership and chasing people away. Basically. . . . . too many people shitting in the punchbowl when one turd is enough.

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totally agree with you hellfighter, that and the fact that today's directors and actors in horror movies don't know true horror like back when Peter Cushing and Vincent Price were making horror movies. the movies today lack a sense of true scary atmosphere which to me can set the tone for any horror movie.


Yeah. In trying to make things on the CHEAP, they are only dragging the genre down and as I said, amateurs getting crap out on dvd is only flooding the market and hiding any real genius.

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You said it brother!!!

The horror genre gets the most scrutiny out of all movies!, more than comedies, dramas, rom coms, and even scifi!!

I agree, that the low budget and poorly made movies give it a bad wrap, but you have to concider where horror movie came from and the total history of the genre. The found video style of movie, has been around along time, Its just a faze right now, just like vampires... already these two are going out of style.

This is just what we have to deal with as horror fans.... for every true good scary movie, there are a hundered totally crappy ones! 


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I agree the shite coming out nowdays can be put on TV with much cgi not ENOUGH on story or plot.....Look @ the old B&Ws they were creepy without all the cgi BS! use of lighting.....creative camera angles...etc can go a long way.

Most of the shite coming out now has millions and millions in efx and cgi and a $50 script

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I think the basic problem boils down to a profound lack of motivation. Take for example, the Nightmare on Elm Street remake that hit theatres a couple years back. It was awful, primarily because it felt like the actors weren't really trying and didn't give a shit that they were making a movie. No one seemed to take it seriously.

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It's funny, but the last horror movies I consider great in the theaters were remakes. Well one was a remake one I consider a new version. Those were Halloween and Halloween 2.

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