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Am at a family event, a cousin getting hitched soon, loads of lil kids running round making noise & everyone playing happy familys ...... NOT ME ..... i put up the big tent thing then just fucked off out the way (well me n my sis put the big tent up)

i just dont do the happy family thing infact i have sat myself alone like i am most happy & have killed the noise with my head phones listening to dexter as i type this .....

is it cold that i never want kids & the fact i dont like people? ......... dont get me wrong i have been told many times am a funny fucker & i know how to smile & play along & entertain BUT it drains me & i dont enjoy it ..... i may be AKA "klownz" but kids/dogs/new cars & corses, it all just pisses me off ........ i could quite happily fuck off & live on the moon by myself

my last job had me working with the general public & thats when i realised something i had suspected for years.... most people are pointless & not worth my time & it works both ways as i wouldnt like to impose myself on people .... i carnt stand people who like to have a imaige or old fuckers or teenagers


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I myself don't like big crowds, if I don't want to go to something I don't go especially if it angers me. I don't like loud noises of kids running around screaming and out-of-control. I like peace and quiet and serenity. I don't think you're being cold about it is just something you don't enjoy, I may be a Jason, or Michael Myers or Freddie were invited on the list maybe he would have someone to talk with and enjoy yourself, kicking back with a cold one. Family events for me never were fun. You run into people that you haven't seen for ages and they say I remember when you were a blob blob blob and you look at them like who in the hell are you. They might know you but you don't know them. That's what it was like for me. If it made you feel that way then why did you go? Is there any booze there? Go heist some take them back to your tent and party on. Then who knows later on that might get you in the swing of things hopefully not your fists LOL


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I want to Like People....

Relatives are the absolute worst people to be around. Half of them you wouldn't associate with if you met them! Just because you are related to someone does not mean you have to like them! I would rather be with my friends.

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I'm with you Klownz, people suck, ignorant, and so on. I also hate little brats unconrolling running wild, when you want to grab the slutty teenage mom and strangle her yelling "take pernt lessions, especually when they bring in  a  hord of screaming kids in the threater!!!! 

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