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I am starting to get a Hills Have Eyes in Russia feel about this movie........the more and more I see on clips and stuff

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although not a big peli fan this movie i think ima go watch.....peaked my interest...but yeah that does sound about right...

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unfortunately in my opinion the movie looks lame, but that looks can be deceiving as we all know. But the paranormal stuff is just don't do much for me. It's like you're waiting for something and you never get to see it. This example Cloverfield I hated that movie it really sucks. You're waiting a whole movie to see the creature and you get to see a little bit at the end and let alone getting sick  trying to watch the movie with the camera moving all over the place. Sorry to rant on that but that's how I feel when their paranormal things in a movie, not in Cloverfield I know that I'm referring to Chernobyl.

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the previews for this movie looked really good, so i might check this one out

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i thought it looked kinda cool. but even if it turns out to be lame imma watch it. i've seen lots of lame horror and i own lots of lame horror. lol

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We must belong to the same lamemovies club!!!!!!

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Funny  when a movie comes out  they always hyp it up to bait u into it,like they show the best parts  that are good for 5 minutes then the rest of the 1hr  of the film suxxxs,Hey that never happens with Elvira and her Bmovies they all sucked but  she is still great to watch that atlest made the movie  bearabile to watchlol Mabe  we neeed  Elvira to  Host some lame  2012  horror flicks lol

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yeah maybes    but then again maybes fookin not!!!!!lol

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