Horror remakes that I enjoy!!!

Horror remakes that I enjoy!!!

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2010_a_nightmare_on_elm_street_movie-normal.jpgSlasherstudios-I havent seen you post for a while, but I have your nightmare here!

Good morning everyone, hope your nighmares are sweeeeeeet!!!




When the hell are dey gonna make a sequal




what the fuck is that!!!!

Yeah, as a promise to HF I re-saw the latest thing, which is a prequl-to Carpenter's the thing. But Carpenters remake still rules!!! I did however enjoyed the second whatch of the latest thing, it was more enjoyable cuz I know what was going to happen so I did't focus on the disapointments. Still think the thing should've been a shapeshifting virus!!!

darkbuzz, buzz, that damn fly the king 



Yeah, yeah, I know King Kong isn't a true horror film, but I listed it, so go suck on a KING KOCK!!!!







So  what's your's??????

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Good choices! Yeah, I haven't been on here in a bit...been working like crazy on my latest script.

Other remakes I love:

Black Christmas (it's cheesy but so fun)

Sorority Row


The Blob

Rob Zombie's Halloween

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i like shit loads of remakes i thought the hills have eyes is one of the best remakes ever & texas chainsaw massacre worked for me & of course i LOVE Rob Zombies halloween. I hate remakes of foreign films usually but have to say i thought the ring & the grudge were well done & i liked the uninvited (remake of tale of two sisters)

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I never saw the Uninvited yet, gotta get me hands on that shit

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i am a lil biase for liking the uninvited because it stars Arielle Kebbel & Emily Browning! but i do stand by it being one of the best americanised remakes of a Asian film

as pointless as the REC remake "quarintine" was that film still should get a shout out since it was good despite the fact it was basicly shot for shot the same

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First off... Great question Z-man!!!!  

I still haven't seen the Thing remake. I was just too upset that they remade it, I never gave it a chance...lol, But if you guys think it is worth watching, I will! I also want to see Don't be afraid of the dark...( Just haven't gotten around to it)

As for the remakes I have seen.... I loved the hills have eyes!!!!, and The texas chain saw masscare and also...

( I know you guys will give me crap for it!) but I loved Dawn of the Dead 2004!!! It was the first time I saw fast zombies and I fell in love!!! lol, 

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the thing remake is actually a prequal so you can watch it without feeiling dirty with guilt! as for the dawn of the dead remake that is a strong remake but i wish more time had been spent in the shopping center like in the original but other than that i have no complaints

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house of wax (remake).jpgthe_roommate_poster.jpg


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Dawn of the Dead, I compleatly forgot about that!!!!!!!! Thats one of the best remakes!!!!! Though I really should hate that film cuz the zombies are running, and the plot is disrespectful to the original. But I do think it's very strong, just wish they gave that film a different title, mostly because they made the zombies into runners instead of walkers.

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Yeah the latest the Thing wasn't a remake. So you can sure go see it and let us know if ya like it or not, John Carpenters 80's film the Thing was the remake from 1951 film called the Thing from Another World, the pic I listed is from Carpenter's 1982 film



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