Flying / Winged Monkeys

Flying / Winged Monkeys

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OK, OK, I know this isn't a scary movie, but ...

When I first saw this - premiere night on TV - those monkeys scared the crap out of me The BEST movie of my life ...

now they seem to have taken their own place in pop culture, regularly referenced in comedic or ironic situations as a source of evil or fear.

wadda ya think ?

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In the 1973 movie Hunter, actual footage from the Wizard of Oz movie is used to brainwash a race-car driver, terrorizing him until he screamed the line "Stop the monkeys! PLEASE Stop the monkeys!"

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i was very-lil i thought they were funny cute

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When I was a kid, and first saw this movie, and the flying monkeys, it didn't frighten me at all....rather I thought to myself, "Where can I get some of those flying monkeys for myself?"....

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Scared the hell out of me when i was a kid.

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To this day I hate those damned dirty apes!!!!!

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HAHA, glad I wasn't the only one ...

The Vertigo comic book series Fables features a flying monkey named Bufkin, who may be a survivor of a conquered Land of Oz.

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I would be a liar if I said that I was never scared of the flying monkeys...

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Embrace the flying monkeys! Had nightmares for weeks as a kid. I love these things, but they were uber freaky looking for the time and for a children's movie. I secretly think they weren't even real. It was Judy's drug induced hallucinations caught by the magic of film.

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