GOOD TV SHIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

GOOD TV SHIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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I have just started watching some tv series. I usually avoid series like the black death but i have recently started watching dexter & am on season 4 now & over the last few days i watched a amazing series called "the event" that is a 10/10 from me i LOVED it & now am watching something called "haven" thats pretty good

my question is has anyone watched carnivale? and is it any good?

ALSO what other good shows should i check out?

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i saw a couple of eppis a while back but i do remember thinking it was for others i have to idea...


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Carnivale is good though it only went for two seasons. Which could be good in it that its a quick watch. Not sure how little television you watch. Have you seen "The X-Files"? "Six Feet Under" is great. Oh, and "Breaking Bad".


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Dexter is a great show!!!  But it all depends on what UR into myfriend?? SCI FI, Drama, horror thriller???  here's a show I think you migt like, it's called   FRINGE !!! there are alot of them out there I just got done watching all 3 of the SPATACUS series blood & sand, gods of the arena & vengance!! the new season that's next month I believe???


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Man vs. Wild is an entertaining program so I like it very much as it is somewhat horror too.


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