Shadow Lurkers vs. Shadow People

Shadow Lurkers vs. Shadow People

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shadow lurkers looks much better but who knows what a full feature would be like? if it was as action packed as that it would be fuckin amazing allthough it did remind me a bit of that scene at the end of darkness falls but i guess with the light thing thats bound to happen anyway.

am still gonna check out shadow people aswell

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Agreed, klownz. There was also Vanishing on 7th Street. Similar concept, too. But the Lurker creatures look much better than just shadows.



SHADOW PEOPLE seems to be more of a rip off of Wes Cravens THEY. I would need to see more to compare. Lurkers also had some of THEYs quality except they are more blatant with the creature. Lurkers was a better presentation, trailer wise, than Shadow.

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