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Man, it looks like we don't get to put things in color anymore. I just figured out that in order to write to someone you have to click on their picture,/profile and then this comes up to post a message but again I don't know if it's public or private so I guess this is a test message see if you can return one. Later

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u get my reply

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Just letting you know things are good with me have not left  Fear Net and dont intend too....Ihave 28 messages i have to  respond too lol but  thought id better letcha know things are great on my end ......

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i read about you and i liked what you said you are totally right! you should read my blog post.

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this sentence has the blues. this is how to make it work i think lets hope

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what's up.

I just found it interesting that someone over there had the balls to say they're pointing 1000 missiles at our bases in such over there. I'm just waiting for World War III to break out. I put these blogs out to keep people informed of how screwed up this world has become plus I find it interesting it helps me better prepare for. Home. Because when crap hits the fan you know it's going to trickle down across the world and then all hell will break loose. I haven't heard or seen anything yet about our profile pictures and things it's going to take a little while I'm sure. Like I keep saying I hope they have good directions on how to use the new stuff.

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i know what u mean,it wud have been nice if they had given us sum kind of warning!!,i normally spend atleast a few hours a nite on fear net,an now im lucky if i spend half n hour,i just dont like it,i miss my page,my pics,i miss loggin on an seein if ne1 has left me comments etc,i miss seein if my friends are on,an wat there up2,i hope things improve soon,as i wont stay,i dont see y thaty had 2change things in the 1st place!!

love shona x x x

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just a heads up sugar  : the admin said either mon or tues we can start to trick out are  profile  page again lol they should give us back the ones whe had completed  but hey better than nothing ,Im like you i was atlest 2 hrs a night now im lucky if its 20 minutes  ...Hope you have a good weekxxxx


. . . . . oh, wait. . nope. . . . me eyes were closed.

I dont see what you were saying about the buttons on blogs. (I prefer me blogs with polo shirts) BUT, dismember that we are all on different servers depending on the REGION and while the SITE is whats being changed, the changes might not go across the board right away. Then again. . . . . I may be full of shit as I am not a computer guy, per se. Hehe. . . . . . I played a computer guy on t.v. once. Not. Anywho. i ARE behaving somewhat silly in an effort to enjoy this whole mess as they get their act together. Today I keep getting logged off because they is WOIKEN on the site. Very disturbing not getting my regular dose of FEAR. Its like playing in the rain in yer best Sunday going to meeting duds. . . .then stepping in poop just before you get in the family car. "Is that PIZZA I smell?" Hehehe. . .


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