wHo AM i, LOL.

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ur hf,this new lay out etc sucks big time,y the hell did they have 2change it!!,if it aint broke,dont fix it,i cant do ne thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,im so annoyed

love u,an miss u hf x from shona x


Luv ya too sweets ! Hope when they finish this thing it will be worth the pain in the azz.

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i will slap my comment down here so you dont have to skip page! am a good fella like that! yea i think i am gonna change my profile pic to that clown you found .... I have finally chilled & had a look round the new site & i see potential & i honestly think admin will sort things out INFACT i know they will .... i carnt really leave fearnet since the amount of time i have invested getting to know everyone .......... ironicly i used to be useless at checking my old profile & now checking your profile is essential .... am following your lead & am gonna try & keep spirits high so buisness as usual from me .............. i might make a new fucked up joke blog to test the thumbs up/down thing LOL!

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The hell if i know bro ... wtf happened to this place ?  I know my pc took a shit then i bought a Rock River AR --- and two pistols before i got a new pc !! priorities sorry...and then i  try finding everyone ... and find nothing for months and now this ?  And ill be damned if i remember jmarts site or if it's still alive ?  Nice to see you still kicking ,... And to find you after the F--ed up election . Anyone else still alive on here???

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Yea kinda like have great sex the night befor and then waking up finding out u have herpies lmaso


LMAO, and I thought a hangover would be bad enuff !

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This it or are they  still working with Frankenstein project Aka Fearnet lol like i mentioned earlier I think this is all there is....

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I sure hope not !


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