How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood ?

A woodchuck would chuck ALL the wood a woodchuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.


THERE'S me SappyGirl ! Dont know if this will post (as before with me silliness) so we will see. Hopefully this will all be BETTER when this is over. BUT I DO think the ACTIVITIES PAGE was better before when at a glance, you could see peeps doing stuff and know who was probably IN. This feels too isolated. Hope Georgia is feeling better with her girly toe and no longer in pain. Hobbling to the beach?

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not a big fan of the changes but i will give it time to see what the finished products are going to be.

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miss u 2 my dear sappy,i hate writein in black,an not being able 2add smilein faces or pics,i miss my page it took me so long 2get every thing the way i wanted it,i do hope i dont have 2go through that again,an im sompeeved that a;ll my pics etc i saved an liked have gone,

love 2u,the kids an shona x x


HIYA SAPPY ! I miss me BLUE !


Hi pretty, pretty ! The GOOD news is that all our pix and vids are NOT lost and many things will come back to some kind of NEW normal. They ARE paying attention BUT everyone should be politely emailing admin and give him specifics and even strong complaints. He is doing what he can. Hang in there.


BTW, we WILL be able to personalize our profile pages too. May all take a bit but hold on.


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hey yep loud and clear u ok!!

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hello my friend!! stopping by to say hi!! miss you!! xoxo

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Miss you to my friend hopefully thing will get sorted soon.....x


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