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i do not like this new fear net!!,its awful!!,i cant up load ne of my pics,i cant view add or comment on pics etc,i cant see if ne of my friends are here,i cant comment on peoples pages,i cant type in colour or add smiley faces,this is just crap,i loved the way fear net uese 2b!!,y change sum thing that isnt broken!!!,un less sum thin is sorted out im going 2 leave ......... 


LUV YA TOO sweets ! I know this is a bummer till they finish and THEN get the bugs out too. Grrrr. . . but they mean well. I am having a hard time getting comments to post. Sometimes yes sometimes no. I hit REPLY on comments but they "reply" appears on MY page but NOT on the other person so. . . . . . WHY, wtf, lol. Its a waste of time to hit "reply". Unless of course its just a bug for now. YIKES.

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Hi sweety Ohhhh Im hating this FEARNET up to now hope things change soon.....loves and many hugs.....xxxx

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girl i feel you on the whole fearnet thing. i miss writing in pink as well. i am even not redoing a discussion i started, the horror elimination game again. i am letting someone else do it. i am so mad that it wasn't recovered. hope things are good with you.




Wanted to let you know that they WILL be restoring our pix and vids AND we will be able to customize our profile pages again. Just hold on as it may take a bit.


That sounds like an update of the ancient classic erotic novel, THE STORY OF O by Corinne Cleary. Also turned into a halfway decent movie (not porn). You should check it out. There is also the super raunchy ancient classic, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A FLEA by Anonymous.


Hey hun. WARNING, lol, THOSE BOOKS ARE BAWDY. They are from another century but STILL, ;) I just copy/pasted the pictures on the blog. Seems to work on a blog but no where else. If it doesnt work for you, it may be your ad blocker/spam blocker /security is too high OR the server in your area wont let you while all this is going on. Admin DID say that any copy/past pix on blogs were lost which IS a real bummer.


lol, you will have to google "bawdy". There is also a book by the Marquis DeSade called JUSTINE. They are all just interesting books written by "Libertines" of a bygone century but they are very sexy, NOT really romantic although in O, they claim its all about love and devotion, I wasnt convinced, lol.

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Well lets hope its not for too long,Missing you loads I have my kids off now for two weeks holidays going to see IceAge on Thursday :) loves and hugs xoxoxoxo

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 well i geuss this is what we are stuck with, this is it the new improved cluster fear net how disapointing,im crying and sniffiling like a  little school girl  lost my  wall  all my friends whom i did care about  the short time  that i new em we cant even individulize or  selfs  anymore ver very

 disapointed in fear net  as im sure you all are well for me im gone i wont be hanging out  since this is how  the web  master treats its clintel so sad ,in all buisness aspects you listen to your customer for fed back and go from there to be successfull well word of mouth gets around pretty darn quick especially on the net  fearnet fans made fearnet and we can break yea too.....


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