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What The Hell Is Going On?


1. Plane quarentined in Miami.
2. 5 people sickened a few days earlier at hollywood intl airport.
3. Guy chews other guy's face off for no apparent reason.
4. Shooting incident at hospital and multiple cops not responding to dispatch last night.
5. Higher than normal suicide and murder/assault case rate.
6. Strange happenings such as a guy getting out of his wheel chair and crawling down a busy street for no reason, a guy eating a pigeon raw/alive,ect...
7. Doctor purposely gets pulled over and spits blood in officer's eyes then smashes his own face.
8. Flordia towns evacuated.
9. Online police scanner no longer open to many.
10. Man shot and killed for intruding on home.
11. police scanner continues reporting tons of 34's (Assaults)

A lot of articles were deleted & some seem like cover ups... '-'

Mad Cow Testing Equipment Stolen:

Flesh biting incidents: ("appeared to be in an absolute rage,")

Flesh Related Rashes, Etc:


Water needed to be boiled because of 'contamination':,0,7437699.story

Rabies Articles Mostly in Florida & Georgia, Coincidence?

Listen To Miami's Cops Dispatch:

Code Translations:

Some 'incidents' logged on dispatchers:

11:55 PM Scanner, 'mentally ill' black man attacking people.
11:57 PM Scanner, man with machete assaulting others.
12:08 PM Scanner, black man armed with gun walking down street
12:11 PM Scanner, police engage in gunfight, capture two men(?)
12:13 PM Scanner, man carrying baby and stumbling around
12:20 PM Scanner, man walking around near river aimlessly
12:28 PM Scanner, homicide (No details)
12:29 PM Scanner, man found with trauma to head
12:31 PM Scanner, black male causing a disturbance
12:36 PM Scanner, morse code, almost impossible to hear
12:41 PM Scanner, attempted suicide
12:43 PM Scanner, latin man threatening to cut people with knife then disappears
12:44 PM Scanner, weapon discharged
12:46 PM Scanner, explosion, unit sent to location plus more nearly impossible to hear morse code
12:47 PM Scanner, sick man in stolen car
12:48 PM Scanner, attempted suicide
12:52 PM Scanner, loud morse code
12:53 PM Scanner, nearly impossible morse code
12:57 PM Scanner, small amount of morse code
12:59 PM Scanner, drunk(?) man assaulted someone else
1:03 AM Scanner, homicide plus an assault
1:05 AM Scanner, screaming in background(?)
1:06 AM Scanner, double homicide plus more morse code
1:15 AM Scanner, dog bites man
1:17 AM Scanner, more morse code
1:20 AM Scanner, audible panic from inside home, sending unit
1:21 AM Scanner, a disturbance plus homicide, and a man screaming in background

Watch out for Miami 'live':


Shit's getting weird.