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Member Blog Post

I hope you guys stick around...


  Hey fear fam... first off....

   I really hope this blog post goes through, I have been trying to post some thing all day!

I understand that sites change, and update... and I agree that fearnet needed an overhaul... but I am very upset with how this whole thing went down. It was like coming home to find your house has been robbed! Fearnet could have given us a heads up! I read the Admin's blog post and well... I was not impressed, I really hope they do give us back some of our stuff, but as for things like our personal profiles, I don't think they will reset( it seems like they are going to be more like facebook style.. yuck) and I really don't think we are going to get our picture back..I would be very happy if we did.(There were ones on there that I didn't have on my computer, and now possably lost forever!).... I know these things happen, but I have never, not gotten a e-mail or some sort of notice when sites overhaul or reset... Anyway.... I hope they send out some sort of apology,(not gonna cross my fingers)but... they should understand that we are so upset because we really love the fearnet community.

   I hope most of you fearnutters stick around, I have never met such a great group of fear fans, and  I have made a lot of friends... I would hate to lose any of you because of this....