Anybody home ? ?

Anybody home ? ?


Haaalllllloooooooooo. . . . . . . .hmmm. . . . . . wandering in the dark. Looking for peeps. . . . . DEAD SILENCE. hmmm. . . . . maybe the grammar police are around !


Nope. No grammar poe-leece. Whut ta do. . . . . regulars hiding out. Monsters confused. . . serial killers asleep. . . . . .wtf does a bored fearnutter do NOW ? ? Peeps cant even tell I am writing this shit. . . . . . prolly get a "thumbs down" for this discussion. . . . . . hmph. . . they can put the thumb in their ass. . . . who cares. . . . . . . HAALLLOOOOO ! ! No Carpy, no Sappy, No klownz, no Dakota, no Gaga. . . . . . . . Cant even put up a spastic picture just for the fook of it. . . .

well. . . . scratch me arse and call me itchy. Fook it. The hollow quiet halls of FEARnet. Perfect time for a serial killer but NOOOOOO. . . . . demoralizing. Might as well pick petOOOnias. If any of youse regulars show up. Order pizza and beer and find me. Might as well throw a party. . . . and bring an ass. . . errr. . . BACK scratcher. This boredom is whut makes people play with themselves. . .  You know, a little solitaire for example. . . . . . GIT YER MIND OUTTA DA GUTTER. . . . oh. . . that was just the voice in me head. I AM FOOKIN' BORED ! ! FEARnet was so much fun. . . . . . . . . . .

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You are absolutely right, ray. My best mate, thecarpenter666 has a long running thread called UPCOMMING HORROR that has some 7000 responses. Starting from the beginning is a waste of time. Although there IS sometimes some funny shit in the middle of our conversations here on the FEAR.

psycoxxx3's picture

im going threw major fearnet with draws ,i need to in hale some fairy dust

skwlas4e's picture

ok hf we have our crack pot team 2gether,we shall wait an see if ne body else joins us,then we can go an kick sum arse,we need ammunition though,we will need sum guns,sum camoflarge gear,some night vision goggles,tortches,an then the games can begin,so sergant hf ur troops are ready,were just waitin 4the word,then the games can begin x


I have ALL that ! LOL. Now we just need some ghosts to chase !

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I have Fairy Dust!!!! :D


You WOULD have some fairy dust ! LOL.

sapphiresecrets's picture

and im see if any changes on FEARNET has happened.......Ummmmmm......... smiles....

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I guess you can't upload pictures in the comments? What a SHITTER!!! LOL

thecarpenter666's picture

u said it changman what a shitter,, u cant do much here apart from take a dump !LOL

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WOW there has been alot of stuff going on here, since caught in the other universe!!! COOL!! DEMON HUNTING MY FAVE!!! but I think that most of them with our stuff is still in SILENT HILL !!! & by the way, thanks 4 sliding the key under the door HF!!! at least prisoners get a meal slid under the door once in a while???


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